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Astronomy Resources for Kids on the World Wide Web

  1. Native American Astronomy:
  2. Check out your local Planetarium:
  3. JPL's "The Space Place" has great activities for kids.
  4. Visit the Hubble Space Telescope's "Amazing Space" page:
  5. Astronomy Picture of the Day - the Goddard Space Flight Center displays a new picture every day.
  6. Solar System Live - get a drawing of what the Solar System looks like right now!
  7. StarChild - get lots of neat astronomy information.
  8. What is the Sun? - we see it almost every day, but what is it?!
  9. Spacecamp - how to be an astronaut!
  10. Track spacecraft in orbit!
  11. See the Sun at Big Bear Solar Observatory
  12. The Solar System Simulator can show you planets and moons.
  13. Suggestions for Science Fair Projects
  14. Astronomy Resources for Teachers on the World Wide Web

  15. Many amateur astronomers are partners with school teachers to bring astronomy to kids in the classroom. They are organized by New Jersey's Project Astro Nova.
  16. Dreyfuss Planetarium - check out the SkyWatch page.
  17. Space Telescope Science Institute - the latest images from the Space Telescope.
  18. NASA Spacelink - concentrates on the space program, but includes astronomy resources as well.
  19. The Nine Planets - a wealth of images of the planets and their moons.
  20. More pictures and quizzes about the solar system by Alwyn Botha
  21. Universe in the Classroom - back issues of this excellent science educator’s newsletter.
  22. Chris Dolan's page has a nice collection of constellation descriptions & myths.
  23. Phil Plait's "Bad Astronomy" page deals with astronomical misconceptions.
  24. The Challenger Center encourages long-term interest in math, science and technology.
  25. Yahoo - a large directory of web pages.
    Check out:
  26. NASA's "Observatorium" features pictures of the Earth, planets, stars, and other cool stuff like games.
  27. MSNBC's Space Station includes cool videos of the new International Space Station
  28. Moon Resources on the World Wide Web

  29. The Moon in Science Fiction
  30. The Moon
  31. Teacher's Resource Guide
  32. Exploring the Moon
  33. Apollo Landing Sites, zoomed images
  34. NSSDC's Moon Photo Gallery:
  35. Lunar Prospector Homepage
  36. Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures from the U.S. Naval Observatory
  37. Moon phases and quizzes by Alwyn Botha
  38. Earth & Sky Resources on the Web

  39. The Exploratorium has a beautiful page about the Northern Lights:
  40. See images of Earth on the Welcome to the Planets web site:
  41. Sky & Telescope's Eclipse Page offers previews of upcoming eclipses.
  42. Japanese Starlore & Astronomical History:
  43. Que tal - a newsletter about the night sky:
  44. The Star Catcher
  45. A view of the Moon:

Also see the links for amateur astronomers (North Jersey Astronomical Group):

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