We are engaged in a diversity of projects focused on the intelligent use of sensors and data for support of decision making with applications to environmental management, agriculture, homeland security, etc. Our work spans over a diversity of fields including machine learning, pattern recognition, remote sensing, information assurance, high performance computing, image processing and computer vision. We are always open to further collaborations in these and other areas.

Each summer we organize a 8 week intensive undergraduate research program where students will work individually and collaboratively on a wide variety of imaging and computer vision problems benefiting from a group of experienced research mentors.

This project is currently funded under the NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates / DoD Awards to Stimulate Undergraduate Research Experiences (Assure). Award # IIS-1004447. Between 2007 and 2010, the program was funded under the NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates / DoD Awards to Stimulate Undergraduate Research Experiences (Assure). Award # IIS-0648814

iMagine REU

The project enhances computational science at Montclair State through research including collaborations with off campus partners as well as through student learning using a high performance computing (HPC) environment as the infrastructure for this goal. For this, a 512 compute-cores AMD Opteron system with Linux OS was purchased and installed.

The cluster expands our diverse interdisciplinary projects that include at least three MSU departments, i.e., Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences, and Linguistics, as well as collaborators from Syracuse University. The HPC cluster overcomes an insurmountable barrier as we seek to move forward with the projects. Each requires significant computation power and each describes problems where the size of the data sets will continue to grow




This project is currently funded under the NSF Major Research Instrumentation Award # DMS-0959461.

High Performance Computing for Computational Science

The goal of this research is to develop a decision support system (DSS) for green computing in data centers. DSS are used throughout the world today in various fields such as medicine, management, routing airplanes, and wherever complex organization is needed. DSS is basically a computer based application to assist in providing solutions to multifaceted problems. In the case of green computing a DSS will be developed for the design and retrofitting of data centers using decision trees and case based reasoning.

This project is currently funded under the PSE&G (Public Service Enterprise Group) Technology Demonstration Grant Program.

Environmental Management: Decision Support System (DSS) for IT Management

We are working on a variety of problems centered on spectral imaging. First, we investigate a unifying framework for the use of higher order statistics in multispectral/hyperspectral image processing. The main goal is to find efficient algorithms for land cover classification, feature extraction and target detection.

Second, we are also investigating new applications of spectral imagery. One direction followed here is the use of hyperspectral images for face recognition.

Spectral Imaging

Computational Sensing Laboratory