Dear Friends,


1) As some of you know, I have recently been learning how to use Gmail. (practicing with an account created over ten years ago, and not used since that time). A Gmail account, as I learned recently, is not only a container of email messages kept in named folders; it is also a container of tasks kept in named task-lists.


2) A task is a file; It briefly describes something I plan to do, and a target date for this activity. A Gmail account owner can create several task lists, each for tasks of a particular kind, and name these lists accordingly. The names, for example, can be: "home," school," "church," "my next book," " 2017," etc.


3) A task-list is empty when it is created. Then tasks are typed into it, one after another. To add a task to a list, or to modify an already existing task. is called editing.


4) How does one start doing all this?


a) I logged into my old Gmail account (by using my still valid password).


b) I went to the main Gmail menu of my account (located in the left margin, above the "COMPOSE" button) and clicked on the "Tasks" option. The "tasks pane" appeared at the lower right corner of my screen. This pane is the area in which tasking operations are expected to be conducted.


c) At top of this pane I saw the name of my already existing default list. I had created this list a week earlier and named it My First List.


The lower left corner on the pane always displays a menu, called "Actions. The lower right corner of the pane always displays an icon representing three short lines. This icon is actually a nameless menu; I will refer to it as "Lists menu."


d) Two boxes were added to the Task pane, as soon as I clicked on the right side menu. The upper box contained four commands. Their names were: "refresh list," "delete list," "rename list," and "new list." The lower box contained names of lists I had created earlier.


e) I selected List1 (in the lower box) and clicked on the "delete list" command (in the upper box). That is how I will delete lists (empty or not), when and if desired. Three other commands, in the upper box, also refer to a list selected in the upper box.


What else can I do with a list selected in the lower box? I can click on + icon (also at the lower margin of the Tasks pane) and edit the content of the selected task, for example, to replace the target date or to compose a better task description.


f) I also used the "New" command to create additional task lists in my Gmail account. They were named List 2 and List 3


g) How can Gmail be set up to send me a reminder mail message, on a specified number of days before its target date? Unfortunately the Gmail service does not include such functionality, as far as I know.


h) Please correct me, if necessary; please share what you know about tasking from Gmail.


Thank you in advance,