Three Poisonous Documents

What follows are three anti-Semitic documents. The first one describes what was presumably said in 1945, by the leading Stalinist in Poland, Jakub Berman. The second was a reply to what I posted. The third, which is very long, was composed by Klimon Solovetski; who tries to immitate authors of the Russian "Protocols."

Document # 1 found at:

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The author of this document writes: "What follows is the recording of the secret speech of Jakub Berman, delivered at a meeting of the Jewish Executive Committee in April 1945.

Jews have a chance to take control of the national life in Poland. Instead of taking visible representative positions try to create a different kind of clothing, take Polish names to conceal your Jewish origin. Let people believe that Poland is governed by Poles, that Jews do not play any role.

To accomplish this we must grab levers of propaganda, such as newspapers, film and radio. Equally important are positions in the army and in political, social and economic intelligence services. Jews must dominate in Departments of Foreign Affairs, Treasury, Industry, External Trade, and Justice. Also in central institutions - commercial centers and cooperatives.

In the area of private initiative, during our transitional period, keep a strong position in the field of trade. Similarly, in the party, use similar methods - sit behind Poles but control what they do.

Settlement of the Jews should be planned to benefit the Jewish community. In my opinion, you should settle in larger clusters, such as Warsaw, Kraków, and other centers of the economic and commercial activities, Katowice, Wroclaw, Szczecin, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Lodz, Bielsko.

You should also create industrial and agricultural centers, mainly in the lands recovered from Germany, not limiting ourselves to Walbrzych and Rychbachu - now Dzierżoniów. In these centers, we can train our future executives, in occupations with which we were only slightly familiar.

Anti-Semitism should be treated as a major crime and combatted at every turn. If there is evidence that a Pole is anti-Semitic, immediately and quietly get rid of that fascist,, with the help of security forces or militant PPR units. As Jews we must work for our own victory, and for the victory of communism in the entire world. This is the best way to benefit and to remain strong. The probability of a war is limited. The US is likely to drift toward socialism, via more or less drastic domestic conflicts. This will lead to communism.

Jewish circles supporting American reactionary forces would then at once come to our side, convinced that we, Jews on the other side of the barricade, were right. A similar case of interaction of Jews all over the world, sharing two different concepts of government--communism and capitalism--arose in the last war. The two major world powers, completely controlled by Jews under their great influence, joined hands. Effort of American Jews, working  around Roosevelt, led to the fact that the U.S. together with the Soviet Union fought together against central Europe, the cradle of new ideas, based on hatred of Jews.  

This was done by Jews, who knew what would happen in the case of Axis victory. Nazi Germany, the cradle of new idea, based on the hatred of Jews, was well aware of the danger of Jewish politics. Jews knew that racism would prevail in America, and that all of them would disappear from the earth surface. That explains why Soviet Jews sacrificed the blood of the Russian people, while American Jews engaged their capital .

We expect a further influx of Jews into Poland. They will come from Russia.  [Berman would say from the USSR, not Russia.] Here are numbers of Polish Jews in Russia, before the war:  Kharkov--36,200, Kiev--17,800, Moscow--53,000, Leningrad--61,000, the western republics--184,730. They were mostly Jewish intellectuals, former Jewish merchants. These experts, now trained in the USSR, will become leaders, as anticipated by the Politburo. They will be deployed mainly in our central locations.

The old Jewish policy had failed. Our new policy links goals of our nation with the policy of the USSR. The basic principle of this policy is to create a governing tool for Jews in Poland.

Each of us must be aware that the Soviet Union is a great friend and protector of the Jewish people. The number of Jews in Poland is now much lower than before the war. But Jews are more cooperative now. Every Jew must be aware that he is not alone. Others, equally inspired, are working toward the common goal. Poles will continue to be preoccupied by the Jewish question. But this will change to our advantage, when we succeed in raising at least two new Polish generations.

According to Provincial Jewish Committee, there are now 40,000 Jews in Upper and Lower Silesia. And about 15,000 Jews are employed in settlements. Districts Rychbach (Dzierżoniów ) and Nysa are going to be reserved for such activities. Settlements are financed by Jewish funds, both foreign and local. We are deliberately creating new, albeit temporarily insignificant, concentrations of Jews, laying the groundwork for professional farmers and industrial workers. This will be our base for promoting broader base political goals.

The above text is a reprint of the book ‘The National Armed Forces--SZ,’ by Col. Dipl. Stanislaus  Ochowski, former Chief of Staff of the Armed Command, Ed. Retro, Lublin, 1994.

In April 1945 Jew Jacob Berman was the Secretary of State of the Council of Ministers, member of the Political Bureau of Workers' Party, a member of the Provisional Government of National Unity and the Secretary of Polej Zion.

A Pole who stole Berman’s transcript was first sentenced to death; the sentence was changed to life in prison."

4) Why do I assume that this is a forgery? Because I remember the period of 1945-1946, when I lived in Warsaw. I never heard about this "secret address." Where was it delivered ? Besides I know how political speakers spoke in those days. The author of the above text was certainly not Berman, Stalin’s personal representative in Poland.

Document # 2 found at:

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Rresponding to my post, the author, Krakus57, wrote :

" Hello, The above mentioned Mr. KL presented his view containing allegations against the Poles as revealed truth and non-negotiable. I have read his biography and I want to comment on it, from the Polish point of view.

1- Jewish minority lived in Poland from the early Middle Ages. It decided to  keep its cultural identity, including religion.

2 - During the early Middle Ages, when Christians considered usury to be a sin, the Jews practiced it and made a lot of money. The banking system emerged and Jews became international speculators, benefiting from the trade up to present time. They have a privileged position in relation to the ordinary people. Until the last war, most Jews lived in cities and engaged in trade, crafts and liberal professions.Their participation in manual work (industry or agriculture) was not significant.

3 - Their moral principles did not see, and do not see, anything wrong in cheating non-Jews; they use double standard, one for dealing with other Jews and one for dealing with other people.

4 - The community was, and is, well organized. This allowed them (early in the last century) to favorably compete with others. They contributed to numerous bankruptcies, they bought whole streets of city houses, they gradually took control of commerce, they corrupted authorities. All this allowed them to dominate the local population. Their income was higher and their work was lighter. 

5 - The Jewish community is politically active; it supports political movements which benefits them. It gave life to early communist movement. A large fraction of Jews supported communism to benefit from it. They became leaders. Rosa Luxemburg from Lublin, if I can trust my memory, worked in the German Communist Party.

6 - Jews usually did not have, and do not have, moral reservation in dealing with Polish people. They cooperated with our oppressors, they made money without working, They favored their own people. The top leadership of communist power of Poland, including the apparatus of terror, was dominated by Jews. They blend perfectly with every oppressive regime. 

7 - Mr. KL makes accusations while for nearly seven years Poland’s governing party is PO. It builds a beautiful country for the rich Jews at the expense of the Poles. That is why the post of KL is nothing else but part of Jewish chutzpah (like publications of Gross etc, promoted by our media). It is an attempt to neutralize human objections to what is being done by Jewish swindlers, to make sure that people do not react when our prime minister Tusk shovels them into a hole and forces them to dig in garbage, in order to survive.

8 - Jews see only their own interests; they do not want to notice that Jewish manipulators have more to say about Polish affairs than Poles, and that Jewish media in Poland demoralize the nation for decades, with impunity. They attack authorities defending our moral principles.

I know what I am saying; I checked it myself. Ignoring the law, and requests of millions of Poles, authorities do not allow the Catholic TV Trwam to have a digital platform. Media are either Jewish or UB (Communist security apparatus). Tusk unnecessarily puts the country in debt. All positions are filled only by people loyal to PO party, rather than to the Polish state. Only his own people are allowed to make money. The system is set to cause bankruptcy of Polish companies. Power is now in the hands of Polish-language government (JEWISH and UB), not in the hands of Poles. This government is blind and deaf to the interests of the nation; it does not  respect our   political rights. It does not respond to the demands of citizens; it has no contact with them. The number of Jews in the government exceeds their percentage in the population of Polish citizens.

9 - What is stated above does not refer to all Jews. When a man works, as we do, then no one asks him to what kind of church he belongs; and no one looks into his bed. Each society has right and left people. I am referring to people who behave as described above.

10 - In sum: Mr. Ludwik, do not expect us to listen to your revelations of truth with open mouths. Jews have their own free country. No one discriminates against them there (as those nasty anti-Semites in Poland). No one forces them to be presidents, prime ministers, ministers , managers, lawyers, professors, doctors .... If you feel that you are culturally not comfortable in Poland then you have a place to go. Or stay in the US; there is no reason for you to deal with our Polish affairs. We will remain here .

Internet posts are not stable; they are often changed or removed. I'm not a sociologist, but I intend to return to these venomous articles one day. Perhaps I will write something interesting about them.

I pressed the “reply” button button and wrote, "What kind of ‘allegations against the Poles’ did I make in the book?” But then I decided not to bother.

Let Polish people comment about this kind of poison. Most Poles are not anti-Semites, just as most Polish Jews, before the war, were not communists.

Document # 3 found at:

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This is a long post. The author, Klimon Solowiecki, wrote :



It is a series of articles published in the months of July - October 2002, combined into one unit, containing episodes 1- 6. The self-declared and hidden Jews, polluting our Polish forum with anti-Polish and anti-Christian provocations, were outraged by these articles.

A characteristic feature of Jewish comments was a complete lack of valid arguments, and a high level of rudeness, vulgarity and violence.

I. Introduction

1 The Jewish religion is not, as it is generally believed, based on the Old Testament Mosesism. Jews rejected mosesism, which was a revelation religion. They invented Judaism, which is based on Talmud. Judaism is not preoccupied with God-people relations. Its only purpose is to give Jews absolute power over the entire world. Jews are to be masters while the rest of us, goyim, are to be their slaves. This are not a abrication of anti-Semites--Talmud is full of such statements, it is easy to find at the source.

2 In Judaism, God is for them only. Before deciding what to do their God seeks the advice of rabbis (sic!). Everything that exists on Earth belongs to Jews, it is only temporarily in the hands of the Gentiles. The duty of the Jew is to appropriate property of Gentiles, by any means, including murder. Lying, cheating, and exploiting Gentiles is not a sin; Goyim are nothing else but animals, with human faces..

3 Their Talmud is full of abusive words against the Lord Jesus and His Mother. Christianity is, according to the Talmud, a Jewish sect, which must be destroyed by all means. 

4 It does not matter whether the " Protocols of the Elders of Zion" are the real thing or a fake. It is an accurate description of the Jewish political program, and of the methods to be used. They want to govern the entire world as one country. That is what is happening right now; one can easily verify this by reading "Protocols." 

5 The best description of the guiding Jewish principle was made by a certain Aaron Szechter, also known as Adam Michnik. He wrote "A wise Jew is a hidden (conspiring) Jew."

6 The Bible, or its equivalent in other religions, can easily be purchased; those who express interest can get it free. The Talmud is very different; Jews punished by death those who disclosed its conent. The first translation of this monumental set of lies appeared only in the nineteenth century (!).

7 A non-Jew never became a rabbi in Judaism. It is obviously racism. Catholcs, by contrast, have bishops of Jewish origin, such as Lustiger and Pieronek.

8 Red Cross and Red Crescent are helping regardless of the nationality or religion of victims. Never had any Jewish organization of this type has provided assistance for non-Jews .

9 Any sense of gratitude is alien to Talmudic Jews, as evidenced by the bashing of Poland, the country that more than any other helped Jewry during the Second War. Those who helped were risking their own lives. Children in Israel are taught that Poles are as much responsible for the Holocaust as Germans. Not a single Pole was saved from death by Jews, when Russians invaded eastern Poland. 

10 The Jews are a nation of extreme megalomaniacs and racists. They think that they are never wrong, and that they are always right. Only they are right and every one else is wrong. Did they ever apologize for harming someone?

II. Jewish names

1 There is no need to comment on typically Jewish names, such as  Rozencwajg, Kugelszwanc, Aprikozenkranc, Pipman or Feldman. Everything is clear.

2 Polish -sounding, but ...

a) too Polish : Złotopolski , Polanski , Księżopolski, Kochanski.

b) " like Polish" : Michnik , Kuron , Crystal, Indyk, Labuda , Pieronek, Cytron, Musician, Bankowicz - but somehow humorous (who is " Bankowicz?" son of the bank ' ?)

c) based on the name of the city, region or country ... : Poznan , Krakow , Mazowiecki, Warsaw, Nowojorski, Rzymowski, Amsterdamski, Szwedowicz.

3 Sounding like a parody of Polish names : funny or even downright hideous : Kloakowski, Wychodek.

4 Not uncommon among the Jews are names of the nobility ... : Potocki , Radziwill, Jeziorański, Muszynski, Naimski etc.

III. Anthropological Features

Anthropological characteristics often become blurred, due to intermarriages. That is why they are not always reliable.

1 Convex upper surface of the skull (Urban, Oleksy, Borowski, Dzicwulski Nowak-Jezioranski) .

2 If you draw a horizontal line at the height of the nose, then it intersects the Poles above the ear hole. For Jews, the entire ear is above the line.

3 Jewish front side gaps on the forehead have larger radia of curvature than the Slavic gaps.

4 Jews eye sockets are shallower; their curved eyebrows are higher above the eyes.

 5 Jewish nose is generally longer, it is more pointed, when seen from the side. ... Jewish women have very narrow nasal septum between the eyes.

6 Jewish section between the nose and the upper lip is much longer than Slavic.

7 Jewish ears do not have a lobe in the bottom, but are more 

 like a straight line embedded in his head. At the top the ear is more pointed than that of the Slavs. Often, the ears are las if degenerated,  disproportionately large and sticking out (Urban, Mazowiecki ), or vice versa, tiny and curled.

8 The typical Jew walking in a straight line sways from side to side like a duck ( Kwasniewski, Oleksy ).  

9  Anthropological characteristics of old Jews become more pronounced, as in the case of our satirist, Drozd .

IV. Way to express yourself

1 Jews have the gift of speaking easily, allowing them to " talk down " almost every Pole.

2 Jews, talking about the most important issues and close to the heart of every Pole, do not engage emotionally, as we do. They speak monotonically and slowly, without emotion - just like that, as about trivial common issues. They do not care about Polish affairs.

3 Many Jews have problems  with correct pronunciation of "r," as Hanna Gronkiewicz, Bill Clinton, Donald Tusk, and Janusz Zemke.

4 They often insert typically Jewish phrases, such as “tfu,” imitating the sound of spitting .

5 In conversations they often emphasize “scholarship," to arrogantly show superiority.

6 They are masters in changing topics and redefining meaning of words.

V. External Appearance

1 Jews love to wear beards, but the younger generation seems to prefer the so-called " brodo-zarost" .

2 To Jewish men appearance is less important than to us.

3 Jews are usually very self-confident, which sometimes turns into arrogance (as in the case of Ryszard Kalisz and Leszek Balcerowicz).

4 As a rule, they lack finesse, delicacy and tact.

5 In Jewish women there is gentleness, humility and a sense of shame. Monika Olejnik, Kora Jackowska and Monica Lewinsky are good examples. ...

VI. Character Traits

Jews are very skeptical; they undermine everything, they cast doubt in everything, they seek to destroy everything. They are not able to create anything positive. They destroy every culture, all economics, every moral order, leaving only chaos.

1 Jews hide their origin, pretending to be natives of the country which they exploit. They often act as a "super-state." Members of the same family sometime use different names. A Jew is outraged when his true origin and real name are revealed. Such behavior can not be found in people of other nationalities.

2 The Jewish family instills a strong sense of national consciousness in their children. Every Jew will recite from memory, without hesitation, names of ancestors for 10 generations back. No other nation has such a strong sense of national identity. If one parent is Jewish then children would, almost certainly, be Jewish. This is reinforced by the Jewish community. They instinctively tend to stay together, they are organized in a secret network of Jewish communities, the so-called "Kahałach." 

3 Jewishness is expansive and power-hungry. Ruling power is the chief motor of Jewish activity. Catholics are very different. To them the most important are: personal holiness, modesty, humility, service to truth, goodness and beauty. Polish political horizons are contained within Polish borders. Only the more prominent individuals have a wider range of interests. For a Jew, this seems to be ridiculous. His model is a banker  (who has most power over the Gentiles), a journalist (who can shape people’s souls) or a politician (who can direct the state in the interests of the Jews. The best proof is Poland, with its Geremeks, Kurons, Bieleckis, Sztolcmans, Bermans, etc.). Every Jew thinks globally but acts locally.

4 Jews abhor physical work (have you seen a Jew building or working in a mine?). They prefer to speculate as merchants. Many of them became lawyers.

5 The Jews have unusual tribal solidarity. It is not difficult to persuade a Jew, formally a citizen of another state, to support Israel, even when this hurts interests of the country in which he lives.

6 Among the Jews a firmly anchored institution is revenge. Murders of the son of Boleslaw Piasecki or the son and daughter in law of Marian Jurczyk are well known examples. Jews prefer to kill close relatives of the targeted person; in that way the person suffers more than if he himself had been killed.

7 A Jew never condemns another Jew, even when clear evidence of the crime is presented. He will always unconditionally support his tribesmen, ignoring factual evidence and interpreting facts to favor the accused.This is a typical Jewish approach. 

8 Jews are masters of conspiracy. In every new environment they quickly find tribesmen and secretly turn situations to their advantage. A prime example is Freemasonry - secret, satanic global organization that serves Jewish policy objectives. This organization is directed by Jews.

9 Jews readily adjust to any environment (when they want). A Russian Jew is only superficially like a Russian. But he will work with other Jews for their own good at the expense of Russia.

10 Jews easily master foreign languages.

11 Nothing is holy to Jews. They do not believe in immutable truth. Only what benefits them is holy, for example, the Holocaust religion.

12 Jews are guided by the double standard - one for dealing with other Jews and another for dealing with Gentiles.

13 Jews are vindictive and cruel. They show no sympathy to strangers. They murdered original inhabitants of the Promised Land, they crucified Jesus, they performed ritual murders. Dr. Mengele , A. Eichmann and Himmler were Jews. The Soviet Cheka and the NKVD were also Jewish. Jews murder Palestinians, they ruthlessly apply the " an eye for an eye" principle.

14 Jews never apologize for anything, they never show remorse for the worst crimes, and absolutely never atone for the evil acts. A Pole reacts differently. His anger, after being hurt, does not last for a long time; he tends to forgive and forget. A Jew, on the other hand, does not display his anger, after being hurt; he tends to destroy the offender, secretly and craftily, harnessing for this purpose his intelligence and skill.

15 Jews are characterized by a sense of superiority resulting from being the chosen people. It sometimes becomes grotesque megalomania. For that reason they hate humiliation. Help received by them from Polish people, during the war, was treated by them as humiliation. A Jew saved by a Pole often hated his savior (for example, writer Kosinski, known as Lewinkopf). Captured by Germans, Jews usually denounced their saviors; they wanted them also to be killed.

16 A Jew will flatterer and befriend while benefiting from a goy.

But this ends when the goal is reached, when he is in a stronger position; the friendship ends and they become enemies.

17 The specialty of Jews is perversity and tortured upside-down logic, as seen in Jacek Kuron, prof. Maria Szyszkowska and Adam Michnik.

18 Jewishness is " insoluble " and indestructible. Evidence of this is in: 

a) Resurgence of Judaism in the third or fourth generation, a phenomenon never seen elsewhere.

b) Return to Judaism in the old age. This applies even to those who served Poland well, people like Karski, Nowak and Bartoszewski.

19 Jews do not feel any attachment to nations among which they live. Living in Poland they describe us negatively, claiming that they experienced discrimination. Pretending to be Poles they penetrate Polish organizations abroad, in order to take over, or to destroy them.

20 Jews usually socialize and marry only among themselves.

21 The Jewish race is "hyperactive," in everything that is important. They dominate all that is extreme, in politics, science, or Church, as exemplified by Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Darwin and Freud. And in Poland we have Anda Rottenberg and two priests, Musial and  Tchaikovsky.

22 One of the worst insults to the Jew is when another Jew accuses him of  assimilation in a Gentile community. Jews are proud to be a chosen nation, to be people, while others, according to Talmud, are only animals with human faces.

Above articles on "How to recognize a Jew" trigger the expected reactions. Jews are outraged and accuse us of being anti-Semites. They would like, if they could, put the author, and those who agree with him, to prison. Or to run tanks over them; they have a lot of experience with this in Palestine.

Poles living abroad do not hide their origin. They do not always expose it, but they are not outraged when when it is detected. This same goes for all other nations.

Jews, by contrast, typically hide their origin. They change names, and sometimes religion. They pretend to be better Poles than real Poles. And of course, they furiously attack those who remind them of their Jewish roots.

It is worth considering why this is so. Why do they want to pretend that they are Gentiles, especially when it comes to positions of influence, in politics, media, banking , etc.? Meanwhile, let us continue with articles.

VII . The methods of operation 

For over 2000 years the Jews have been organized hierarchically; their politics is always very consistent. In each country they have a secretive ruling center (Kehilla), whose commands are sacred to them. National Kahals receive guidance from a secret Jewish world government, the Sanhedrin, now residing in the US.

1 Jews apply the principle of "the end justifies the means." The greatest ever known criminals, murderers and traitors in the vast majority were Jews (Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Dzerzhinsky).

2 Pretending to be natives Jews always support their own people. To weaken Poland they often used our national minorities, Ukrainians, Germans, Belorussians and Lithuanians.

3 Jews do not hesitate to change conflicting ideological orientations. Communists turn into democrats, socialists turn into national Catholics, active atheists become "friends" of God, etc. The only thing that counts is Jewish interest; everything else is basically irrelevant. Loyalty, principles, and friendship are just empty Gentile words without meaning.

4 Jews like to be “advisors,” everywhere. This is an effective method of exercising authority without liability. A great example is the story of our  "Solidarity."

5 Introducing Jewish women to people of influence, Jews want them to become wives or mistresses. Husbands and lovers linked to Judaism become less committed to Polish causes. If a Pole remains attached to Poland then the Jewish woman becomes an effective informer for the Kahal, as in the case of Gomółka, Herbert and Jaruzelski. The famous example abroad is the case of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski.

6 Jews weaken the morale of the nation. Under the cover of slogans of "humanism, progress, tolerance and charity” they spread pornography, drunkenness and debauchery (Kwasniewski, Kuroń, and Isabella Sierakowska ) .

7 Jews seek to control everything in the country, no matter whether the method used is acceptable or not. The goal is to promote the Jewish cause. They focus on sensitive centers of spiritual influence: the media, the universities, the Church. Centers of material influence: banking, the judiciary, the economy, the secret service are also not ignored. Their well planned activities in these centers are secret. Jews practice physical elimination of outstanding and noble individuals, such as the mass murder of AK and NSZ soldiers, patriotic priests, activists of Solidarity etc. Their judicial murders are well known.

8 Jews corrupt our legal system, turning it into a farce. We suffer, like fish taken out of water. The law becomes immoral; it protects the offender, and persecutes ordinary citizens. "Care" of prisoners, the abolition of the death penalty, lenient sentences - all of this is the initiative of the Jews, pretending to be “humanitarians,” as Prof. Zoll.

9 Jews promote destructive ideologies in order to confuse countries. This is first done by Jewish "scientists" at universities, then by Jewish journalists and politicians. Marx, who invented Communism, was a Jew; Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky, who implemented it, were also Jews. Likewise National Socialism; it was the work of Jews (they financially supported it). They also support Western "liberalism."

10 Jews constantly "reform" everything, to paralyze normal functioning of our state. This creates situations in which neither accumulation of experience nor natural emergence of competent elites is possible are possible.

11 Sensing emergence of national aspirations, Jews immediately jump to be in charge, as in the case of Solidarity, AWS and ZChN).

12 Jews create dozens of political parties, even antisemitic parties, fighting among themselves. This is done to create chaos.

13 Pretending to be patriots Jews penetrate all organizations. A party that manages to remain free of Jews is persecuted by all means,

including lies in the media, smear of activists, and use of the judicial system. Typical accusations are anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia. A prime example are repetitive attacks on Radio Maria. If this does not help then they resort to assassinations.

14 Unable to win in a debate a Jew resorts to name calling, smear and slander. ... This is a typically Jewish way of discussion .

15 Very often a Jew does not attack the opponent directly; he prefers to use others.

16 Jews always are at the forefront of "progress" and fight against “backwardness." Art is an effective weapon in their hands. Jews spit on Christians and promote falsification of historical facts, in movies, books,  theater, etc.

17 Jewish artists promote disgusting things (Anda Rottenberg), mock national traditions (Olga Lipińska) and vulgarize language. They attacked the Catholic Church at every opportunity (Dorota Nieznalska).

18 In the absence of anti-Semites Jews lead anti-Semitic activities. They write anti-Semitic graffiti on our walls, they set fire in the Warsaw synagogue, they destroy Jewish tombstones, they deliberately provoke anti-Jewish incidents. How do they benefit from such activities? 

a) They create fear of fear of anti-Semites among Jews, and promote unity.

b) Poles feel guilty; this weakens our natural defensive reflex against Jewish aggression.

c) Poland, which they hate, is negatively portrayed abroad. It is viewed as an anti-Semitic country without Jews.

d) Polish patriots form groups under Jewish command.

In the climate created by the Jewish provocateurs even valid criticism of Jewish anti-Polish activities becomes "anti-Semitism," "xenophobia" and "racism.” And Polish Jews become untouchable.

19 Posing as " Polish patriots " Jews often "fight" with other Jews. But, God forbid, they do not harm them. Only naive people believe that Jews are attacked by Poles.

20 From the very beginning, Christianity has been seen by Jews as the most hated enemy, especially the Catholic Church. To weaken the church they initiated formation of various pseudo-Christian sects. They slander priests and mock rules of faith (Urban, Olga Lipińska). They try to destroy Catholic circles, such as “Znak”, “Wieź”, “Tygodnik Powszechny,” from inside, promoting ideas of “open catholicism” (Turnau, priest Musial, priest Czajkowski, bishop Pieronek). Jews take advantage existence of demoralized priests and advertise their cases all over the world. They also claim that Christians were responsible for the Holocaust. Hidden Jews, acting as priests, try to induce in us the feeling of guilt towards the Jews.

VIII. Jewish Disinformation Activities

Jews becme enraged when people reveal their real names, discover their true intentions, or expose their double games. That is how one can recognize Jews. This is widely known. ... Nothing is more important to Jews than keeping their true intentions secret. The art of disguise is their specialty.

1 Jews often pretend to be Poles, sometimes taking beautiful Polish names. ... In such roles they usually try to downplay the Jewish issues. Those who talk about such issues are declared to be anti-Semites, xenophobes, fascists , Nazis, etc.

2 Jews deliberately confuse by saying that there are important differences between being a “member of Jewish nation” and being a “member of a Jewish religious community.” In reality they think that those who believe in Judaism are Jews; everyone else is an assimilated Jew. This is their undeniable “Jewish Truth.” According to the Supreme Court of Israel, "A Jew never ceases to be a Jew." Period.

3 Jews hate the " Protocols of the Elders of Zion;" they discredit them as an enormous anti-Semitic forgery. No Jew will admit that the "Protocols" are true. In fact, a person who states that the Protocols are not true is likely to be a Jew. No other document describes Jewish mentality (their goals and methodology) as accurately as the “Protocols.”

4 Jews fiercely fight the so-called “conspiracy theory of history,” They try to ridicule it.

5 Jews laugh, or call it racism, when someone calls for disclosure of nationality. During the great wave of immigration to the United States people were asked to specify national origin. ... Only Jews fiercely fought for it; they wrote Polish or German, according to the country in which they lived.

6 Jews, pretending to be Poles, greatly exaggerate negative statements about Jews. The purpose is to discredit all negative opinions about Jews, even those which are well-founded and legitimate.

7 Pretending to be Polish is used in another way. Acting as Poles, Jews apologize for the alleged crimes of the Polish nation. This promotes the “Holocaust Business,” drawing money from Poland. They call it "recovering lost property.” Jews also defame our country. Stolzman M. Isaac, our President, is a good example.

8 Jews practice "ecumenism," claiming that Christianity evolved from Judaism (sic! !) In fact, Judaism, produced by parasitic Talmudic sages, has nothing in common with the original Jewish religion. ... 

9 And of course let's not forget that when other measures fail, Jews turn to insults, name-calling, and even to outright threats. ... Such behavior might shock an ordinary Pole, not used to hate; he is inclined to forgive his enemies.

10 Hidden Jews promote a theory according to which Jews contributed greatly to Polish culture. By doing this they diminish significance of our great writers, such as Sienkiewicz and Prus. ...

11 Jews try penetrate all Polish organizations. They also create presumably Polish organizations, such as .... The purpose of these organizations is simply slandering Poland and Polish people.

IX Jewish Sensitive Points

1 Jews are afraid to reveal the truth about themselves, their extreme chauvinism, racism, contempt for other nations, their rogue anti-human aims and deplorable methods of operation.

2 They hate other people (Gentiles are only animals with a human face) . Judaism and its Zionism are the most extreme forms of racism known to man.

3 Almost never (exceptions are rare) do Jews work for the good of mankind, and contribute to the development of the world. They only prey on others. They prefer not to produce; they prefer buying and selling.

4 A large part of the Jews are atheists, greedy for material goods only, able to betray their own for such goods.

5 Jews are cowardly and corrupt. But, once dominant,  they become arrogant, insolent and vindictive. Words of loyalty and gratitude are not known to them.

6 Jews always side with those who are stronger; they despise those who are poor. This became obvious when Poland was invaded by armies of Hitler and Stalin. Jews immediately, and almost without exception, were on the side of occupiers.

X Summation

A normal person is likely to be shocked by perfidity of Jewish nation, as described above. ... Jews are the most horrible nation in the world. How to explain this? Why do they have so much hatred of strangers and so much devotion to evil? Answers to such questions can be found in the Gospel. According to Saint John, the Lord Jesus said to the Jews : "your Father is the devil, and you want to follow the lusts of your father" (J 8: 44). ... [ Here I am skipping a lot].

XI How to win ?

The focus of the fight against Jewry is in the spiritual realm, religion , culture, science and art. But limiting yourself to this sphere is not enough.

The fight with the Jews must be total, physical and spiritual. ... 

1 To win we must control the media, now in Jewish hands, especially television, because it is the most powerful instrument to influence people. ...  

2 Catholicism in Poland should be strengthened. Polish people must be united in the fight against our mortal enemies, who are ...  

3 We must use Jewish methods of organization and fight; we need:

a) One secret steering center,

b) Secret total war,

c) Long term planning and perseverance, 

d) Support for only one side, the Polish side,

e) Intelligent patriotism, not emotional,

f) Imposing on others our way of thinking, our  habits and our goals,

g) Forcing others to take defensive positions.

We must be aware that media, art (mostly video) and education are powerful weapons. 

4 Clear criteria must be used to establish Polishness. Each of us must be Polish, not only formally but in spirit as well. This also applies to clergy!

5 Polish national idea and national awareness of the Poles must be widely spread.

6 Equally important is familiarity with rules of Latin civilization, as oppsed to Jewish civilization.

7 Poles should be made aware of Jewish goals, Jewish character traits and Jewish methods.

8 Jews must be eliminated from public life, especially from areas affecting  the nation (politics, culture, art, science, media).

9 Historical offensive must be promoted, to expose Jews, and to ....

10 We must never negotiate with Jews.

11 Poland is the only country in Europe that never expelled Jews. It is time to catch up. The rest of the world will first accuse us of anti-Semitism. But then, sooner or later, others will follow our example. Jews will have no choice but to live, and to be destroyed, in Israel. That country will never win without outside help. Jewish civilization is defective; it makes permanant existence impossible. Jews will fight with each other.  

12 Aim accurately, when you want to kill a Jew. If you miss then wait for revenge. Contrary to a Jew, a Pole is able to forgive, sometimes all too easily. Keep this in mind.


I am a Jew and I have interacted with a large number of non-Jews, during my long life. I know that an average Jew is not very different from an average Gentile. How God's commandments are interpreted in my synagogue is probably not very different from how they are interpreted in Christian churches. Each nation has both good and bad people. It hurts to read declarations of hate; they remind me of similar declarations made by earlier mass murderers. Racist propaganda is a dangerous weapon. What else can I say?

Thank you for reading,

Ludwik Kowalski, Ph.D. (see Wikipedia)

Professor Emeritus at Montclair State University


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