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306) How to search my website for something ?

Ludwik Kowalski; 7/31/2006
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Montclair State University, Upper Montclair, NJ, 07043

I never expected this website to exceed 300 webpages, as it did after about four years. The problem with so may webpages is difficulty to find something. Suppose I want to quickly find what is there about Oriani effect, or about Huizenga, or about the iesiusa company. How to find and to open pages containing such words and phrases? The same question is probably asked by some readers of my pages. The list of titles that appears when one types

in the window of an Internet browser was designed to help because each link to a page has a title. But this does not always help. Fortunately, Google can be used to search for information on a selected server. The domain name of the server on which my webpages are located is

as indicated in the above URL. Each Internet server has a unique domain name. Suppose I want to find webpages containing the word NAE. By entering this as a keyword of the general Google search I got 12,100,000 hits. But a Google search limited to my server produced only 12 hits -- exactly what I was looking for. To restrict Google searching to a selected server proceed as follows:

a) Using a browser go to
b) Click the "advanced search" link. This brings a page with a search box. Type the NAE (or anything else you might be searching for) into the search box.
c) Scroll down to the line labeled "domain." The right side of that line has a box for entering the domain name. Type in that box.
d) Then scroll to the top of the window and click the GOOGLE SEARCH button (near the upper right corner).
e) That should produce the widow showing the search results, for example 12 links to webpages containing the desired keyword or phrase.

That is all I have to say. Other convenient restrictions can be imposed on a Google search. But this is not a book about googling.

This website contains other cold fusion items.
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