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263) Fraud or not fraud?

Ludwik Kowalski (10/7/05)
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Montclair State University, Upper Montclair, NJ, 07043

In 1812 Charles Redheffer traveled through Philadelphia and New York, charging a dollar admission (a dollar was a lot of money in these days) to see his perpetual motion machine made up of wheels, gears and pulleys which kept moving continually with no apparent source of energy. He did very well until someone discovered a little man in a back room turning a crank. <>

I am probably not the only one who receives many fraudulent proposals over the Internet. Below is one of them; it has nothing to do with cold fusion. But it made me think about a company called iesi ( Innovative Energy Solutions, Inc.). So I went to the website of that company <www.> hoping to find some new information. But I was disappointed; nothing new was added there since my units, #216 and #226, were posted. That was about four months ago. Why is it so? It is also strange that not a single message about Dr. Yang’s research has been posted on the CMNS discussion list. Peter Hagelstein, who saw the demonstration five months ago (see unit #237), suggested that I suspend judgment and wait. How long should I wait? According to Dr. Arrison (see the insertion at the end of my unit #229), the impressive prototype was already working in 2004 and “the second plasma device is expected in early 2005.” So why didn’t a single company scientist come to the 2004 conference in Marseilles to tell us about the impressive cold fusion device? How is it built? How was the 100% reproducibility achieved?

According to <> the company is already in the process of commercializing “cold fusion as an energy source.” I am a cold fusion researcher trying to keep up with new developments. It puzzles me that the iesiusa website is totally silent. Are they also planning to declare bankruptcy (as Mr. E.B Fasheyiky, see below) after collecting millions from poorly informed investors? That would hurt the reputations of many honest cold fusion researchers, including my own. So far I have not seen any convincing evidence that what the company does is a cold fusion application.

But that is not the view of the editor of Cold Fusion Times. In volume 12, No 12 of this magazine (page 23) I see a report entitled “iESi Technology.” The author was probably among those invited, about five months ago, to see the demonstration in Edmonton, Canada. The report states that “the level of power generation was several kW for about 15 minutes” and that the energy gain was “in excess of 5.” Assuming that “several kW” stands for 3 kW, the energy generated would be 9 MJ. The gain of 5 implies that 80% of that was due to cold fusion. About 200 grams gasoline would have to be burned to generate the same amount of heat. But what evidence do they have that excess heat comes from cold fusion? How do we know, for example, that it was not due to a chemical fuel, such as alcohol, released into circulating water?

Nothing has to be released into the circulating oil because that fluid itself can be used as fuel.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

From:Mr.E.B Fasheyiky <> London, U.K

Greetings to you: I am Mr.E.B Fasheyiky and though I reside in the U.K, I am actually a citizen of U.A.E. I am the heir apparent to a family business with its "roots" in Dubai, U.A.E. The importance of my position in my family mandated that I be sent to study for a degree in the U.K. At the conclusion of my degree programme, my family decided to open the first European branch of the company in the U.K and I was put in-charge to run it. This was of course a good beginning for me. At present, we are at the end of another trading year and our auditors have once again brought it to our attention, that the tax rates applicable to our company due to the fact that we the owners are not british is gradually "killing" our business. Unlike the last time I was alerted, I have this time, taken a critical overview of the records from "day one" and the auditors seem very correct. This situation when related to my father has really been disturbing. After much "brain storming", my father has decided to close the UK branch. He has directed that we salvage what is left of our investment and concentrate our efforts on Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Now, you must wonder why I have contacted you! I am contacting you now because there is an arangement that I have personally mapped out to ensure that what ever cash remaining in the Company account be transferred to whoever is willing to assist me in this regards. All you will be required to do is to draft an agreement from your end that you will be supplying Medical and Agricultural Equipment to the tune of $18,500,000 (Eighteen Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) in my Company's favour. Once this agreement is set up, I will need to see the contents and have a copy submitted to my bankers here so they can immediately begin the transfer processes of the stipulated amount in favour of goods to be supplied (Supposedly) by you.

After the agreement between you and I has been submitted to my bankers, I will file for bankruptcy while the agreement still stands with my bankers. This way, I will be able to leave the U.K back to my Country without having to pay so much taxes on the funds remaining and I will not be loosing much money at the same time. You must understand that I personally have something in it for myself because what I declare to the company in Dubai, is what will be stated and accepted. If you are willing to assist, please respond to this message and bear in mind that your confidentiality is required because if this arrangement fails, I will probably loose everything I own in the U.K. For your assistance, there is a reward. This will be discussed as soon as I get a response from you. Feel free to reach me by email. I will be awaiting your response anxiously. Thank you in view of your anticipated urgent cooperation. Yours Faithfully, Mr.E.B Fasheyiky

Cold fusion researchers I worked with are certainly honest. But are all researchers honest? Probably not. A possibility of honest errors, or self-deception, should also not be ignored. A claim made by an honest researcher is not always valid. Extraordinary scientific claims become valid when other qualified researchers confirm them. Complete openness is essential in science. An invitation to qualified engineers, not associated with the company, to inspect the device, would certainly be desirable at this point.
Inserted on 7/15/07
Scientific people behind the iESiUSA technology are A.I. Koldomasov (from Russia) and H. Yang (from Korea). A set of essays, including my own, about their work can be found at: . This reference was sent to me this morning, by Google

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