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239) A dangerous cold fusion identity theft ?

Ludwik Kowalski (7/4/15)
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Montclair State University, Upper Montclair, NJ, 07043

Tonight I sent the following e-mail message to about 100 members of the cold fusion community:

I was one of those to whom a message received yesterday was sent. A reader wrote: “I've tried to retrieve [without success] patents given on the iESiUSA web site:


. . . Was anybody successful in retrieving any of the patents given on that website?” Replying to this another reader wrote: “iESi is in ‘stealth mode’ at the moment and not taking any inquiries . . . I have some, very limited, contact with them at the moment, though they are not giving me any answers at this time.”

It is clear that researchers from the iESiUSA company are not using scientific methodology of convincing. Secrecy might be consistent with trade but not with true science, except in military research. To the best of my knowledge, cold fusion community is guided by rules of scientific methodology. That is why I think that we should disassociate ourselves from iESi claims. They say that their excess energy comes from cold fusion but refuse to justify this to our satisfaction. If we do not criticize them openly people will associate us with unpleasant consequences of making probably-not-valid commercial stock market claims. I feel that somebody is stilling our identity. How can we protect our reputation for honesty and hard work? Please write to me what you think about the iESiUSA claims. I would be happy to summarize your points of view on my CF website:

And I would be glad to protect anonymity of those who ask for it. It is a serious matter; we are in a dangerous situation. Am I the only one who feels that way?
Ludwik Kowalski
Items #216 and #226, #229, etc., on my website, are connected with iESiUSA claims, and with related patents.

The space below is reserved to replies. Anonymous senders will be identified by X. I will wait for at some messages before posting this unit. Then I will update it from time to time by appending additional messages, or comments about messages. Replies will be numbered to simplify referencing.

Appended on 7/13/05:

1) X wrote: Since there is no public discussion I don't feel it is necessary to start one. As far as I know they have approached the CF community (Hagelstein, Fleischmann, Krivitt). We could accept their way of operating, since this is indeed a very slippery terrain.

2) X wrote: It stinks; people promising great commercial benefits to investors should first demonstrate the setup.

3) X wrote: It seems to be a game with iESi shares at the highly speculative Canadian stock market.

4) Scott Little wrote: In my experience a significant fraction of the folks involved in CF research don't follow ordinary scientific methodologies. It does hurt the overall credibility of the field but that's pretty well shot anyway by now. I suggest you just distance yourself from those guys whenever the subject comes up. But don't go out of your way and make a big deal out of it. That would actually draw unwanted attention to them. If they've got something that works, we'll all find out about it soon enough. Meanwhile, if they don't want to play scientists, there's nothing we can do about it. (BTW, judging from their stupid website, I'd guess they're all smoke and mirrors).

Even we have not bothered to publish any papers describing our work. Basically we're looking for a successful commercial venture and, when the experiments don't show excess heat, we don't bother writing them up. However, I am planning to write a paper describing our new flow calorimeter and submit it to Review of Scientific Instruments. I hope such a publication would attract some people to submit their cells to me for evaluation. (1406 Old Wagon Road, Austin TX 78746).

5) Ludwik Kowalski wrote: Senders of messages will be identified, unless the first sentence is a request for anonymity.

Appended on 7/14/05:

6) John Coviello wrote:
Given the history of alternative energy, which is littered with exaggerated claims and broken promises, iESiUSA's claims of a revolutionary energy technology based on a creative use of the cold fusion reaction must be greeted with deep skepticism by cold fusion proponents (as much as we'd all like to see it work). Cold Fusion proponents do not want to be associated with iESiUSA if they are ultimately proven to be a fraud; it would be a setback for the field of cold fusion. Therefore, until more concrete scientific evidence is provided to prove their technology works as described, iESiUSA's claims must be treated with a healthy skeptical approach.

It is troubling that iESiUSA is taking the path of secrecy and limited demonstrations. These are hallmarks of fraudulent technology schemes of past decades. However, since a revolutionary energy technology that would replace the current fossil fuel energy regime would be literally worth Trillions of dollars, it is somewhat understandable that a company, such as iESiUSA, would want to keep their technology secret until they are ready to go commercial with it. It is encouraging that they have invited credible scientists to review their technology, even if they aren't revealing all that they need to reveal at the moment to prove it beyond a doubt. I guess it is best to treat iESiUSA as just another alternative energy company making an unproven claim, until they give us reason to think otherwise. I would be in the camp that advises ignoring them until more substantial evidence or a commercial product is provided by the company. There is no harm in ignoring them, but there would be harm in endorsing them prematurely only to find out later that they are frauds.

7) Jed Rothwell wrote: Do not worry about iESi. Every year, dozens of strange secretive groups pop up claiming they are doing cold fusion. This has been happening since 1989, but it has not hurt the reputations of actual CF researchers. You are correct when you say iESi is doing business-style R&D, not academic science. The people at iESi would agree with you. I doubt that any substantial progress in CF can result from secretive research, because I think not enough is known about the basic physics yet, and we are still at the stage when fully open, traditional academic science is called for. Perhaps I am wrong about that . . . we shall see.

The iESi claims may actually be real. It is impossible to judge today, but we might find out 9 months from now, when the secrecy period for the latest patents expires. Some of the people who have visited iESi have been impressed, although not so impressed they are willing to say with certainty that the effect is real. Obviously that will have to wait for independent replications.

8) X wrote: I was not aware that cold fusion community had many recognized intruders who did not use scientific ways of validation. Are the episodes of criticizing them recorded somewhere? Books about cold fusion focus on its conflicts with mainstream science; they do not mention, as far as know, conflicts within the CF community. That is why one is inclined to think that the iESi episode had no precedents.

9) Dennis Cravens wrote: I know that others have said iESi has claimed cold fusion events, but I never saw anywhere where iESi have made such claims.  (for example I have seen allegations by Clem that iESi claims cold fusion, but nothing from iESi about it). I do see where iESi has said Yang has worked on cold fusion systems.  I do not see where they have claimed that they are making excess with a cold fusion system. Having been in this game a long time I know that there is often a big difference between what is said about you and what you say.  I see all kinds of comment about iESi from you but I have yet to see any link to iESI where suchCF claims are made. Perhaps they have made such claims, it is just I see not primary evidence that they have.  I see all kinds of patents about H generation and such but nothing to the CF point.
  I will wait for evidence before I judge them.  Right now it just looks like rumors and talk about them from others. I have asked both iESi and those who have visited the lab.  I get no information. Perhaps they say nothing now because they are still working and verifying and do not what to misslead anyone.  I think it is best to just wait for a report by them and ignore the rumors by others.  If it is real it will eventually come to light. Even the so called visit reports are not posted by those that visited the site but by those that have not.  If it is just talk by others who do not know what is going on - it will pass.

Appended on 7/16/05):

X wrote: I hope to see a proper scientific presentation of aspects of the work in an appropriate forum in the near future.

Ludwik Kowalski wrote: No scientific ways of validation of hard to accept claims has been offered. That is why I agree with those who suspect fraud. Another reason for being suspicious is based on putting myself in a position of an inventor who, without understanding basic science, was lucky to invent and build a highly desirable, and not very complicated, device.I am thinking about an invention similar to that of Volta or Roentgen. How would I proceed to benefit from the invention? Suppose that several million dollars have already been gathered from inventors; as posted on the iESi website. Being absolutely certain that my claim is valid I would sell one or two devices to a reputable firm; such firm would certainly not hesitate buying a device if a very strong “money back” guarantee was offered. The guarantee would state that “the device will work as described for at least one year.” Immediately after that I would apply for a patent. An application based on the working model would certainly be granted. Then I would start looking for new investors. Such strategy would work much better than promises on the iESi website.

I do understand why an inventor might want to keep things secret before being protected by a patent. If I were a “quantum scientist”, as Yang and Cho are said to be, I would probably start thinking about Nobel Prize, the ultimate scientific recognition. This would motivate me to write a paper, perhaps in cooperation with a more qualified scientist. The paper would be submitted to a reputable journal, such as Physical Review. Knowing about working models (and possibly given a chance to communicate with independent users, reviewers would be convinced that experimental data are not based on “wishful thinking” only. Perhaps such work is in progress. But seeing no evidence I prefer to remain skeptical. Yes, seeing “a proper scientific presentation” would be very helpful. But nothing would be more convincing than lasting financial success, based on well performing devices.


iESiUSA is not the only company promising to deliver very attractive clean energy devices without telling us how they are supposed to work. For more information go to this website:

You may also click on the ”published” link there to see how little the company has to say about the product that is said to be nearly ready for commercialization. I see no attempts to validate the too-good-to-believe claims. Being a physics teacher I am highly dissatisfied.

Appended on 5/31/2008
Here is the old item devivered today by Google:

Captured from on 24 Oct., 2005
The intellectual capital within iESi consists of expert industry leaders in engineering, finance and marketing.

Patrick Cochrane – President & CEO
Patrick Cochrane has over 25 years of experience working in the Petro-chemical,Pulp & Paper and the energy technology industry. Prior to co-founding iESi, he founded and served as the chief operating officer of the engineering company Canadian Environmental Equipment & Engineering Technologies Ltd/Genoil Inc. in Edmonton, Alberta. In his career, Cochrane also held senior-level positions overseeing large industrial complexes & projects with water, petrochemical, oil and gas at Husky Oil, Daishowa Canada Co., Zeotec Ltd. and Fidinam Canada Ltd. Cochrane spent four years in the Canadian Armed Forces and attended Fairview College and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology for formal training in industrial electrical technology and Power Engineering. He has authored numerous patents in the heavy oil industry, environmental and energy technologies. Cochrane was awarded a prestigious award form Cetac - West and nominated for the AsTech awards (Alberta Science and Technology Awards) in 1999 in Calgary Alberta Canada, recognizing his achievements in these areas.

Ronald Foster –Vice President of Business Development >BR> Ronald Foster is a co-founder of iESi and currently serves as the company’s chairman of the board of directors. His primary responsibilities include finance, compliance and business development. In his career, Foster has held a number of senior-level executive positions with several publicly traded companies, including ValCom Inc., SBI Communications, Inc., EL-Phills Inc., Golden American Network and ROPA Communications Inc. He created and produced “Stock Outlook 87, 88, 89”, a video presentation of public companies through Financial News Network (FNN), a national cable network. Foster has a tremendous amount of experience with mergers & acquisitions and the operations of publicly traded companies. He founded and served as president of a publicly traded marketing company that had annual revenues of $60 million. iESi’s Scientific Advisory Board consists of world-class physicists and scientists in the area of quantum physics.

Hyunik Yang, Ph.D.
Much of iESi’s proprietary intellectual property is based on the numerous patents in the field of quantum and hydrogen energy generation authored by Hyunkik Yang, Ph.D. Dr. Yang co-founded iESi and serves as the company’s chief scientific officer. In his career, Dr. Yang also held positions as professor at Hanyang University and as senior research engineer at Hyundai Electronics. He has published dozens of international research papers on revolutionary quantum energy generation and anomaly effects of science. Dr. Yang has designed several new inventions in the field of quantum energy and cold fusion. Dr. Yang received his Engineering B.S. from Hanyang University in South Korea, and completed his Engineering M.S., Ph.D. and post-doctoral work at Columbia University in New York. He is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Automobile Engineers, Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers, Russian Academy of Natural Science, Korean CAD/CAM Society and the Korean Society of Machine Tool Engineers. Since 1987, Dr. Yang has been listed in the Who’s Who in the World, and in the Who’s Who in Science and Engineering since 1998. Norm Arrison, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Dr. Arrison is a senior scientist who worked for Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (AECL) at the Whiteshell Nuclear Research Establishment as a Research Officer and at Sheridan Park as a Design Engineer and rose to the position of being in charge of all safety systems for all CANDU Nuclear Reactors for AECL. He was first appointed to the Science Council of Canada by Prime Minister Trudeau and served from 1983-1986 at which time he was next appointed by Prime Minister Mulroney and served from 1986-1989. Dr. Arrison has authored several patents and been involved in numerous inventions, most of which have been related to the solving of environmental problems that make life better for people all around the globe. In his career, Dr. Arrison served as the director of research for Global Thermoelectric Power Systems, Ltd. and worked as an international consultant in the development of patented energy conversion processes that are utilized in Europe, Asia and Australia. He has consulted and helped develop specialized coatings products for specific industrial applications that are utilized extensively in North America and are gaining acceptance around the world. Dr. Arrison received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary. He is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers of the Province of Ontario and The Association of Professional Engineers Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta.

Dumitru D. Fetcu, Ph.D.
Much of iESi’s proprietary intellectual property is based on the 11 patents in the field of energy conservation, heat transfer and waste heat recovery authored by Dumitru Fetcu, Ph.D. In his career, Dr. Fetcu has held positions as professor at the University Transilvania of Brasov in Romania and holds the chair of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics at that university's Department of Mechanical Engineering. Leveraging the new legislation that took place in Romania during the late 1980s, Dr. Fetcu founded the company Transterm. He is the author of two books and more than 60 publications in the field of heat exchange and heat recovery and has conducted over 45 scientific research contracts. Dr. Fetcu received his Ph.D. in thermodynamics from the University Transilvania of Brasov in Romania.

Board of Directors

Patrick Cochrane –President & CEO
Ronald Foster –Vice President of Business Development, Director, Board Chairman
Frederick S. Dornan –Director
Thomas Bugg –Director
Dr. Hyunik Yang –Director

iESi Ltd. - United Kingdom
Mark Boocock – Managing Director
Mr. Boocock has over 22 years experience delivering critical business systems and technical consultancy to blue chip clients across a range of sectors in the UK. After graduating in Computer Sciencess from the University of Glamorgan Mark commenced his career with BT. Here he developed a range of customer service and accounting systems used to run BT’s then £20Billion a year business. In 1990 Mark joined Syntegra where he became involved in the development of Import Export systems for the British government. Prior to establishing iESi (UK) Mark held senior client & programme management positions with a global business service and consultancy provider. Clients have included major UK energy providers where Mark was closely involved with the de-regulation of the UK electricity market. Mark also co-founded a Facilities Management Company set up to deliver environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance services to the UK commercial property sector and has interests in a recently established IT outsourcing business.

David Muxworthy – Marketing Director
After graduating from University in Bristol with a BA (Hons) Accountancy and Finance, Muxworthy a qualified Chartered Accountant started with Price Waterhouse with responsibility for the provision of audits to water companies; major banks and subsidiaries of major multinational groups such as Courtaulds, as well as many smaller and medium sized companies. David moved to the Welsh Development Agency in 1992 starting in Corporate Audit, undertaking independent reviews and appraisals on the operation and effectiveness of any aspects of policies, programs and procedures over the entire spectrum of the Agencies activities. In 1995 David became the agencies International Project Manager, Far East, with responsibility for attracting inward investment from the Far East (Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia primarily) to Wales. In 1998 David was promoted to Vice President, Business Development – Asia Pacific responsible for the smooth operation of the ASEAN office, based in Singapore, attracting inward investment from ASEAN and India, previously Hong Kong, China and Australia and growing indigenous Welsh business through joint ventures with ASEAN partners. David returned to Head Office in January 2003 to establish a division within the WDA responsible for attracting companies with converging technologies. This work took him into the Energy and ICT/Healthcare space and specifically the use of innovative technologies and services in delivering solutions for the energy and automotive industry. David is responsible for attracting a number of alternative energy companies to invest in Wales. More recently David has left the WDA to focus more closely on ICT/Healthcare and clean energy through his involvement with IESi (UK) Ltd.

Andrew Williams – Client Services Director
Mr. Williams is an experienced Chartered Engineer & Nuclear Engineering specialist, with a wide ranging but deliberate civilian & military career progression, built upon a strong foundation of engineering design & subsequently developed across a full spectrum of operational nuclear engineering & associated disciplines. His early experience as a Design Engineer with the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, provided a springboard for his subsequent operational military career within the UK Royal Navy’s (RN) nuclear submarine programme. His engineering credentials are also complimented by extensive Oceanography and Training Management skills developed during his naval career. He has operational, engineering and safety management expertise in nuclear power electricity generation and marine propulsion technologies, coupled with an understanding of the impact of such technologies on the physical and in particular marine environment. Since leaving the forces in 2001 Andy has continued to develop his nuclear and maritime expertise, working in the nuclear safety, security, decommissioning and environmental management fields, again reflecting his interest in the sensible management of the Physical and in particular Marine Resource.

Hywel Rees – Sales & Partnerships Director
Mr. Hywel has over 25 years experience of servicing the needs of UK business and domestic consumers alike. After an early career in property sales and consultancy in and around South Wales, Hywel joined London based Merrill Lynch. At Merrill Lynch Hywel was responsible for looking after the relocation and housing needs of blue chip company directors throughout the United Kingdom. An opportunity arose back in Wales and over the next 10 years Hywel was able to grow his own corporate relocation company, SRMS Relocation. SRMS Relocation now provides services to blue chip companies and their staff throughout Wales and parts of England. Recently SRMS has taken over some of the provision of relocation work for the regional economic development authority whilst at the same time acquiring the largest competitor within Wales.

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