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I downloaded several "cold fusion" publications from the


web site. One of them, written in 2000 and authored by Scott R. Chubb from Research Systems Inc., is an excellent summary of social aspects of the "cold fusion conflict" as it evolved since 1989. I strongly recommend this article to educated non-scientists. This is an introduction to a compilation of seven articles published by those who were personally involved in cold fusion research. Was the compilation published? I do not know. A theoretically oriented physicist may be interested in another paper on "cold fusion," coauthored by Chubb; it can be downloaded from the above web site as (ChubbSRtheoretica.pdf).

Here are the sins for which "heretical cold fusion" was excommunicated when it was only seven months old:

1) Naming the phenomenon "cold fusion" without
having any evidence for it.
2) Secrecy, presumably imposed by patent
lawyers and administrators.
3) Saying that the method was "very simple to
4) Suggesting that commercial harvesting was
just behind the corner.
5) Announcing the discovery via a "press release."

The date of the "premature birth of CF" was March 23, 1989. Evidence for the (D+D --> He) fusion is now available, but that fusion, if it is fusion, does not resemble the so-called 'hot fusion" in plasma. In my opinion the essence of the ERAB report (November 1989) can be reduced to "it is not fusion we are familiar with, because of this and that." Importance of additional research was actually emphasized in the report. I agree with those who feel that the field is ready for another evaluation. The baby is now 13 years old! Will it
live or will it be allowed to die?

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