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199) Nonsense, fraud or very advanced science?

Ludwik Kowalski (December 28, 2004)
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Montclair State University, Upper Montclair, NJ, 07043

1) Extracted from <>

Products for sale:

DESCRIPTION: This high quality video details ALL of the amazing phenomena occurring in an area that's 300' in diameter in the beautiful wooded foothills of Santa Cruz California. . . . William Alek, a researcher and explorer, conducted experiments at the spot using the Explorers Kit shown below. He determined that time flows "slower" inside the spot by at least 3 minutes and 40 seconds per 24 day. . . . Because time flows slower, all of the metrics related to space and time change while walking through the spot. These metrics include volume, mass, frequency, gravity, time, and energy. 

Mail Order:

Install the supplied software and attach the cable to your notebook computer, and your ready to explore!

PRICE: Call, prices range from $1000 to $1300

With this kit, you'll observe RED SHIFTING or BLUE SHIFTING of frequency generated by an Accutron Tuning Fork Watch. This tuning fork oscillates at a fundamental frequency of 360 Hz. . . .

2) Here is something that looks like nonsense, to me.

This is part of a much longer e-mail message received last night. The sender, who is a distant cousin and an architect, takes this text seriously. Is the author of the text a theoretical scientist (knowing much more than I do about modern physics) or is he a bluffer using scientific terminology to impress ignorant readers?

How fractal evolution works...

... Is an interesting animation, related to ABC theory that describes how emanation of a dual entwined (positive-negative) ray (Superstring?) of Primal Force fractally involves radially (cyclically and vortically) out of the initial "spinergy" (or abstract motion) surrounding the absolute zero (laya) point -- to initially form the "coadunate but not consubstantial" fields of universal consciousness... That continues ("as above so below") in descending phase orders of frequency-energy, to eventually replicate into the seven fold fields of human consciousness. This also indicates why analogy and correspondence is a basic rule for understanding theosophical metaphysics or occult science. For diagrams showing how this works, see:

Science today -- while it is gradually approaching an understanding of multidimensional hyperspace fields (Superstring/M-brane theory, quantum field theory, etc.) that are analogous to the ABC fields, and is beginning to comprehend the relationship of the Aether (lower Astral field that, besides being the magnetic model of all forms of life, is also the medium of light) to the physical or metric fields of matter -- has still a long way to go before their wished for "Unified field Theory" (that baffled Einstein for more than 30 years) can become a scientifically proven reality. But, first, they have to solve the "hard problems" of explaining the "experience of consciousness" and "brain-mind binding" that is still baffling all of science -- even after the past 10 years of serious study as a recognized scientific discipline.

This won't occur until scientists realize that consciousness (as awareness and will or intent) is a universal aspect of fundamental reality related to the zero-point itself... That is everywhere (contiguous on the highest level of zero-point energy) and is the central origin of all fields of force... While being the basis of the so called "entanglement" or "action at a distance" between
fundamental quantum particles on any level. With this ultimate understanding they will also be able to synthesize information theory with relativity and quantum theories, along with recent theories of Aether physics, plasma electrodynamics, holographic paradigm, etc., and come up with an entirely new and synthetic scientific (physics, biology, cosmology, physiology, etc.) paradigm.


My ABC (Astro Biological Coenergetics) theory postulates (predicts) that everything in the universe is fundamentally empowered by electricity and its laws of electrodynamics -- including all the hidden coadunate but not
consubstantial hyperspace fields at progressively higher order spectrums (phases) of frequency/energy -- which is the basis of their coenergetic interrelationships and transfer of modulated magnetic wave carried holographic information between zero-point consciousness (awareness/will) and matter.

As a fundamental paradigm, it postulates that all substantial forms of this electromagnetic energy -- from the highest order hyperspace-time (spiritual field) through the six intermediate hyperspace fields, to the lowest order metric space-time continuum (our metric material cosmos of sidereal light) -- are directly involved and evolved out of the infinite "Spinergy" force or angular momentum of a zero-point-instant singularity simultaneously rotating at infinite velocity (Superspin) both clockwise and counterclockwise on at least three perpendicular axes... Thus, accounting for the spherical nature of the space-time continuum, its star forms and rotating galaxies. Also, from a quantum physics point of view, it accounts for both the positive and negative electro-gravity, electro-strong, electro-weak and electromagnetic forces... And, from a cosmological point of view, all particles and anti particles, along with both light and dark matter.

Thus, it predicts that the sun and all the stars are also electrical in nature... As is all the mass-energy composing all physical forms and organic bodies due to the vibrational patterns of the fundamental "superstrings" of primal electrodynamic force (emanating from the spinergy), and their derivative "strings," that determine the properties of the fundamental particles (wavicles). And, is the fundamental force underlying all their physical, chemical, biological, and physiological properties, interrelationships, and configurations. Also, it conforms with all principles of relativity in our sidereal space-time continuum, and considers their correspondence in each ascending phase order of hyperspace-time, modified by their varied time constants that determine their higher order light velocities (which would appear as instantaneous from our point of view).

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