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Ludwik Kowalski (December 3, 2004)
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Montclair State University, Upper Montclair, NJ, 07043

Dr. Mitchell Swartz, who I met at the last year’s cold fusion conference (ICCF10), also has a site dedicated to cold fusion. This morning he emailed me a message (see below) with several links. I am posting them for your convenience. Please keep in mind that I do not feel competent conducting excess heat experiments. Measuring excess heat, produced at a rate smaller than one watt, is not trivial. Ruling out the non nuclear origin of such heat is very difficult. I am not a chemist. On the other hand, students should be encouraged to explore excess heat phenomena. Tasks of proving, or disproving, controversial claims, made by reputable scientists should be turned into educational projects. What can be a better way to expose students to the excitement of scientific research? Mitchell wrote:

We have placed numerous links to your site, and would appreciate a link or two to JET Thermal Products. These are the links for JET Thermal Products which has on line teachings of how to reproducibly obtain cold fusion, and has an archive of information supplementing your site.

JET Thermal Products

JET Thermal Products (Introduction including engineering and optimal operating point)

JET Thermal Products - Introduction to Cold Fusion

JET Thermal Products - Cold Fusion Science (Introduction to the engineering and material science)

JET Thermal Products - Public Open-House Cold Fusion (ICCF-10) Demonstration at MIT

Best wishes.

Dr. Mitchell Swartz






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