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Scientific Breakthrough Liberates Energy Users from Fossil Fuel Dependence Technology breakthrough harnesses energy from the molecular structure of water.

BOISE, ID - Dec. 5, 2002 - Genesis World Energy, a privately funded consortium created by a group of military and space program research and development specialists, today unveiled a scientific breakthrough that allows consumers to easily access the energy contained within the hydrogen and oxygen molecular structure of ordinary water. This scientific breakthrough provides a limitless, low cost and environmentally clean source of energy that can be implemented with minimal cost and effort. The viability of using water as an energy source, previously a theoretical concept, is now a reality. "Water has always been the source of life on this planet, now it will also transform the way we create energy." said Charles Shaw, corporate counsel and spokesperson for Genesis World Energy. "The implications for worldwide energy generation and consumption are nothing less than staggering."

The Genesis Project
The technology is the result of nearly two years of continuous effort by a team of more than 400 visionaries from a wide spectrum of disciplines, including science, technology and engineering. Assembled as the "Genesis Project," the team discovered a way to extract far more energy from water than the extraction process itself required; differentiating this new fuel cell technology from any other development efforts thus far. The key component of the Genesis Project technology is the Genesis gCell, which through a series of electro-chemical processes separates hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water. The resulting gas molecules can either be burned cleanly as a replacement for natural gas or various other traditional forms of fuel, or may be remarried within Genesis eCells (an advanced fuel cell) to generate large amounts of electrical current. When both Genesis gCells and eCells are combined, the entire process becomes self-generating, recycling both water and electricity from the molecular reattachment phase. A more detailed description of the process can be found in the Genesis World Energy web site www.genesisworldenergy.org.

The Edison Device
The first application of this technology is represented in the "Edison Device," a self-contained, self-sustaining energy generation unit. Roughly the size of an outdoor air conditioning system, the power source can be quickly and easily installed in any home or business to provide virtually unlimited energy from any available water source. The Edison Device utilizes the existing electrical wiring and natural gas plumbing in a home or business to replace the energy provided by utility companies. The home version of the Edison Device produces approximately 30 kilowatts of combined gas and electrical energy per day. By comparison, the typical home uses between five to six kilowatts per day. The commercial model is capable of producing 100 kilowatts of energy per day. The energy generation portion of the devices has no moving parts. In fact, the only "mechanical" aspects of the equipment are small circulation pumps and micro-valves, making the Edison Device both silent and virtually maintenance-free. A minimum amount of water is used over an estimated 20+ years of service life.

Market Ready
The commercialization of the devices is the responsibility of two business entities, Genesis World Energy and World Energy Management. Genesis World Energy is a technology development, production and supply consortium, while World Energy Management functions as the exclusive licensing representative for the worldwide distribution of Edison Devices.
According to Nejhla Shaw, World Energy Management President, "We will make Edison Devices rapidly available to governments and industries on a worldwide basis, with special licensing opportunities for those industries that will be most affected by the technology. For the first time in the history of the world, a clean and abundant source of renewable energy is as simple as the attachment of three wires, a gas line and a water hose."


The Genesis Project
Creating an abundant, clean and renewable energy source from water

From The Source of Life, A New Source of Energy
Scientists and technologists have long explored viable sources of energy that would reduce the dependency of the world on fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources. Clean, low cost and abundant energy is, in many ways, the Holy Grail of the 21st Century. The economic, environmental and geopolitical implications of such a fuel source alternative are nothing less than staggering - and it is no exaggeration to say that these implications would extend to virtually every person on the planet.
One of the most promising energy technologies has been the generation of power using the earth's most abundant natural resource -- water. Just as water has been the source and sustainer of life on our planet, it also holds the key to transforming the way we generate energy. While generating energy from hydrogen and oxygen gases has been demonstrated in recent fuel cell technologies, none of these technologies have succeeded in creating a water-based energy source that can meet the demands of homes and businesses in a scientifically efficient and economically viable manner.

The Genesis Project
In September 2000 a privately owned and funded research and development organization with a half-century history of technology development for military and space programs decided to focus its resources on the barriers preventing the use of water as a total energy source. Assembling a team of more than 400 visionaries from a wide spectrum of disciplines, including science, technology and engineering, work groups were formed in a number of locations throughout the US. Code-named "The Genesis Project," these work groups engaged in a continuous research and development effort over an 18-month period. Only after the team's goals had been realized, were the details of what had been accomplished shared with everyone on the team. In June 2002, the goal of the Genesis Project was achieved: the creation of a low cost, self-sustaining process for generating unlimited energy from any available water source.

The Science Behind Genesis
Hydrogen and oxygen contained in water have always been the most attractive, yet elusive source of energy on the planet. Water molecules consisting of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen are pure energy, yet the process of breaking water down into its molecular state consumed more energy than could be derived as a result. Genesis' breakthrough technology cracked the scientific secret to extracting far more energy from water than the extraction process itself required, making it possible to quickly and easily replace traditional forms of energy.

The gCell Process
The gCell is the fundamental component to the technology where three processes occur simultaneously. In the first of these processes, water is passed over catalytic reactants to produce an electrical voltage that excites the hydrogen and oxygen molecules. At the same time, a thermo, electro-catalytic reaction creates an effect similar to that of magnets with opposing polarities, separating the molecules into pure hydrogen and oxygen gases. In the third process, some of the hydrogen and oxygen molecules are reattached to generate additional electrical current that subsidizes the gas generation process - thus making the process self-sustaining. Since water is recovered and reused in the reattachment, gCells require only a few ounces of water per day. A single gCell stack, which is no bigger than a car battery, is capable of producing hundreds of cubic feet of customer usable gas per day. By comparison, the average American home in cold climate areas consumes approximately five cubic feet of gas per day.

The eCell Process
The eCell generates electricity and is one tool used in the conversion of hydrogen and oxygen contained in water into a consumer usable form of energy. The hydrogen and oxygen gases created in the gCells are used by eCells in a reverse reactant process that attracts the molecules much like magnets pulling themselves together. The resultant remarrying of the hydrogen and oxygen molecules produces, in a single eCell stack, more than 1,000 amps of electricity.
View the process here.

Bringing It All Together: The Edison Device
While the gCell and eCell technology is breathtaking in its simplicity, it needed to be incorporated into a mechanism that could viably meet residential and commercial energy requirements. This has been accomplished through the Edison Device: a self-contained energy generation system consisting of stacks of gCells and eCells. The Edison Device is roughly the size of a typical residential outdoor air conditioning unit.
Since the Edison Device utilizes the electrical wiring and natural gas plumbing in a home or business, installation is simple and quick. Three wires attach the Edison Device to existing electrical service connections, while the gas application requires connecting the Edison Device's gas feed line into the customer side of an existing natural gas line. Conversion of appliances from natural gas to hydrogen gas is accomplished by the use of inexpensive gas flow restrictors.

Market Ready
The Genesis Project has developed two market ready models of the Edison Device: a residential version and a commercial version. The residential model is capable of producing up to 30 total kilowatts of combined gas and electrical power per day (a typical home uses between five to six kilowatts), and the commercial model can generate up to 100 total kilowatts of energy. For heavier commercial requirements, multiple Edison Devices can be linked together.

The design of the Edison Device has proven that less is more. The energy-generating portion of the device has no moving parts - in fact, the only "mechanical" aspects of the Edison Device are the small circulation pumps and micro-valves that control the flow of water and gases. As a result, maintenance is limited to the occasional replacement of inexpensive water filters that can easily be accomplished by consumers themselves, while water usage is minimal over the device's projected 20+ years of service life!

The Ultimate Green Machine
Using only small amounts of water to meet residential and commercial energy requirements, producing no noise or emissions beyond the creation of ultra pure water, and utilizing an energy generation technology that is self-sustaining, the Edison Device is truly a "green machine." The Edison Device, and the underlying Genesis technology, represents a pivotal moment in human history: the promise of liberation from the shackles of fossil fuel dependency. The environmental impact alone is enormous. Limitless energy production without the consumption of fuels that deplete the ozone layer and pollute the planet. The reduction of drilling and mining for new energy sources. A more decentralized management and distribution of energy resources. Future applications will allow vehicles to operate on a pollution free basis.
And then, there are the economic considerations.

Rapid Deployment
The commercialization of the Edison Device is the responsibility of two recently created business entities: Genesis World Energy and World Energy Management. The first of these entities, Genesis World Energy, is a technology development, production and supply consortium. Its essential responsibility is to further the underlying Genesis Project technology and to establish and manage a roadmap for future product enhancements. The responsibility for the proliferation of the Edison Devices falls to World Energy Management, which is the exclusive licensing representative for the worldwide distribution of the Edison Device. This organization will make Edison Devices rapidly available to governments and industries on a worldwide basis through broad licensing agreements. These agreements will entitle licensees to assemble and distribute Edison Devices through the purchase of critical components from Genesis World Energy - allowing the technology originators to protect vital intellectual property.

Given the profound impact that the Genesis Project technology is likely to have on traditional producers and consumers of generated energy, World Energy Management will provide special licensing opportunities to those industries most affected by the introduction of the Edison Device. In the case of utility companies, for example, World Energy Management believes that the proliferation of Edison Devices will create a more stable and profitable business model. With the regulatory measures imposed on utility companies in the purchase and sale of energy, these companies would now have the option of charging the consumer a flat monthly rate for the rental of Edison Devices at a fraction of the cost of current power usage. While this would represent a smaller revenue stream, it would essentially be pure margin, since there would be no cost to the utility companies for the generated energy. Depreciation of the Edison Device equipment would also create a tax benefit. Consumers, for their part, would have the option of purchasing Edison Devices from other licensed manufacturers, thus forgoing monthly utility bills altogether.

An American Legacy
The scope and impact of the Genesis Project may be difficult to comprehend outside the context of a large and well-publicized government or industry initiative. Indeed, the efforts made by the Genesis Project to protect the anonymity of its members have, in part, been out of the desire to keep its technology firmly in the control of free market forces. Nevertheless, to view the Genesis Project as an unprecedented phenomenon is to ignore American history. Nearly a century ago, Thomas Edison brought together a small band of dedicated visionaries who, outside of any governmental agencies, taxpayer funded programs or corporate R&D structures, created technologies and products that transformed the world. The Edison Device is an heir to this uniquely American legacy of scientific inquiry, Yankee ingenuity, bold innovation and altruistic impulse.
©2002 Genesis World Energy™

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