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133) Another new name for “cold fusion?”

Ludwik Kowalski (3/19/04)
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Montclair State University, Upper Montclair, NJ, 07043

This morning I received a message announcing the next conference (ICCF11). And I see that the term “cold fusion” has been dropped. The new name is CMNS (Condensed Matter Nuclear Science)

> Dear colleague,
> It is my pleasure to announce you that ICCF11, the 11th International
> Conference on Consensed Matter Nuclear Science will he held in
> Marseilles, France from October 31 till November 5, 2004.
> Registrations are open at : Use the some site to the
> highlights of the conference: In addition to the usual format of this type
> of conferences we will have:
> 1- An open session at the University of Marseilles, with demonstrations
> 2- A special evening session where we will discuss with economists,
> philosophers, journalists and scientists, the consequences of the
> application of "Cold Fusion" in our day to day life, but also the geopolitical 
> and economical changes that might occur.
> 3- The week long meeting will end with a press conference.
> I hope to see you in Marseilles
> Jean Paul Biberian, Chairman

Going to the conference web page I see an invitation to become a member of the Internationa Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Reactions. The page has many tabs. One of them leads to FAQs (frequently asked questions). Here are two of them:

Why have you avoided "Cold Fusion" in the name of the Society?

Critics back in 1989 dubbed the science "Cold Fusion" because it was a convenient straw-man to demolish theoretically. The name stuck, but it is misleading. Condensed Matter Nuclear Science is about multiple anomalies and it is unlikely that these can be explained by just one class of nuclear reactions be they fusion or fission. "Cold Fusion" is a widely used name of software and could be a source of confusion.

What is the origin of the name of the Society?

It is difficult to trace the origin but Jones' 1989 paper, Nature 338 p 737 "Observation of cold nuclear fusion in condensed matter" certainly stimulated many similar titles. According to Xing Zhong Li, the phrase "Condensed Matter Nuclear Science" was suggested at a meeting of the ICCF-9 Advisory Committee and he adopted it as the title for the conference proceedings. Subsequently the title was adopted for the electronic journal as announced at ICCF-10

The Society's name may be abbreviated to ISCMNS. Condensed matter nuclear physics is not a new science. It includes neutron and muon physics, fields which are of interest to CF (but often overlooked).

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