Contemporary Russian Situation (October 2014)

as described by BSN, an unnamed Russian author

translated by Ludwik Kowalski, Ph.D.

Originally, I planned to describe the state of various fields of modern society (economy, science and so on), But the theme of this article is different. I decided to focus on current affairs in our country. Other topics will be addressed later; some of them have already been presented as audio lectures.

It is obvious that a modern society cannot exist without preconditions; we must recreate its scientific, technical and industrial complex. Furthermore, we must overcome resistance of hostile forces, both internal and external, exploiting our country and aiming at its collapse. The situation in Russia today is very difficult and very dangerous. Threats come from different directions, while the society does not have enough of an understanding and determination to overcome them. Let us look at some details.

First, a huge part of our problems comes from the general crisis of western and world civilization. That crisis was unavoidable, due to the exhaustion of productivity potential and to dominance of emotion-based value systems. A lot has been written about the predictabilty of the crisis; what we are seeing today in Russia and in the West, perfectly illustrates the onset of the crisis. Here is a short list of specific factors:

1) The demographic crisis, accompanied by a significant distortion in the demographics of individual regions (rapidly declining population in many areas of central Russia versus a very high birth rate in the North Caucasus)

2) The influx of migrants from neighboring countries

3) Strong involvement of Russia in the processes of globalization. It makes our economy unstable, and dependent on highly volatile policies of other countries and global trends.

4) Loss of motivational drive, the passivity of society against the background of the expansion of the elite and the separation of its interests against the interests of the country and people, the moral and intellectual degradation, fragmentation and degradation of the society as a whole.

5) The absence of original ideas, plans, programs to overcome the existing social challenges. Our officials and clerks are not able to act efficiently; they exacerbate the crisis by using only traditional methods.

To overcome these problems, we should immediately move away from Western models, lifestyle, and culture; we should criticize this model vigorously. In addition to this we must struggle against shortcomings described in the introduction; we must educate people; we must actively promote reason. Social consciousness should be reconfigured--instead of focusing on stupid and selfish consumption, on empty entertainment, on the accumulation of material goods, people should be able to focus on active steps to revive the country. We should all be aware that nothing will help Russia to survive, unless the psychology of the people is changed.

Second, the situation in which Russia is now, due to recent historical processes, and to the geopolitical situation, is extremely unfavorable.

Russia has long been able to successfully resist occupational attempts undertaken by Western countries. Unfortunately, in the late 80's, due to a monstrous betrayal by the fifth column in the leadership of the Communist Party, the USSR and the Soviet block collapsed. The steering wheel of the country was grabbed by puppets. To understand how to act today one must understand circumstances and consequences of events that took place more than 20 years ago.

Firstly, we must understand that all declarations and slogans, of those who dismantled the socialist system, were utterly false. Events that followed clearly showed the falsity of the American slogans about the struggle for democracy and freedom, about the effectiveness of the market economy, and about advantages of Western civilization. But many people are still under the influence of the same kind of Western propaganda.

The process of collapse of the Soviet Union had certain causes, such as public disenchantment with communist ideology, certain negative developments in the economy and public administration (bribery, bureaucracy, absence of some products), and certain lag behind the West in science and technology. Among other causes were the existence of ethnic tensions, and the prevailing passivity of people who were conditioned to believe that all problems should be solved by the govermnent. The psychological climate of Soviet society changed in the negative direction, during a period of stagnation. Negative social phenomena intensified; we now have a generation of people ready to accept the Western lifestyle. The country really needed perestroyka (restructuring). But this initiative was used by the fifth colum to destroy the country.

Despite the reality of underlying causes, the disintegration of the USSR, and of the socialist bloc, was not inevitable. On the contrary, under capable governance negative trends could have been overcome, and the socialist bloc would have won the Cold War. A good example of an alternative scenario is China, whose economy in 1990 ranked sixth in the world, far behind the Soviet Union, but now China is poised to become a world leader. Processes in the late 80s were not natural, they were managed by foreign enemies and by the fifth column in the Soviet leadership (including our leader Gorbachev). Their goal was not to modernize Soviet society, to establish democracy, to modernize economy, etc. Their true goal was to destroy the USSR, and then Russia, followed by the complete elimination of our sovereignty, by a situation in which all is under their control. They wanted us to become a powerless weak semi-colony. This policy of the West, and of its fifth column in Russia, is still in effect today.

The ultimate goal of the United States (or rather of the worldwide oligarchy) is to dominate the world in which there is no place for independent Russia and the Russian people (as well as for peoples in other countries). Since the beginning of perestroika, our fifth column, in league with foreign enemies, handed over the controls and the initiative to predominantly Russophobian hostile and criminal elements, undermining the economy and financial stability, creating artificial shortages. At the same time they strongly fueled public discontent and internal conflicts. They also conducted a deliberate campaign to brainwash us, and to stigmatize all that was Soviet and Russian. They want to westernize us.

A new phase of destruction of Russia started after the collapse of the Soviet Union. American advisers took full control of our leadership, which itself consisted of people who hated Russia. Their goal was to hurt us as much as possible (as one can verify by reading their "reform" statements). These so-called "reforms" consisted of steps undertaken to ruin Russia, such as superinflation and a monstrous "payments crisis." The Russian economy collapsed. Nearly all military, scientific and technological developments were stopped. Russian interests were ignored, numerous disadvantageous international contracts were signed.

One good illustration is the 1993 agreement, to sell 500 tons of weapons-grade uranium to the United States (about one-half of what we had). Russia earned only 13 billion dollars, despite the fact that the cost of the then-existing stock of 590 tons of American weapons-grade material was 4 trillion dollars. The price of our sold uranium was reduced by a factor of hundreds, if not thousands. We are no longer able to produce such an amount of uranium, even in the case of extreme necessity. The agreement to sell uranium at the low price was in effect until 2013. Putin did not terminate it, despite all the public outcry. Our newest ships, submarines, and aircraft were sold as scrap, for pennies.

Activities aiming at the destruction of our country intensified after 1993, via fraudulent privatization. The most important companies were given to Russophobic oligarchs connected with Yeltsin. They became rich and started investing abroad. Foreign companies started to receive our raw material for nearly nothing. Our media fell under almost total control of liberal Russophobic propagandists, stupefying our population and hiding the truth about treason. The new Constitution of the Russian Federation was written by American advisers, who promoted their own interests, not ours.

According to the USA we are a defeated country; we have no right to have an independent domestic and foreign policy. They think that all our attempt to resist Washington pressure should be vigorously punished.

Following the resignation of Yeltsin, Putin wanted to change this; he wanted the West to treat us as a junior partner (with some autonomy in political and economic spheres), not as controlled puppets. But these attempts were received with hostility; the United States triggered the rising tide of aggression against Putin and against Russia as a whole. They accused us of dictatorship, fascism and imperialism; they started to develop a plan to isolate and destroy us. They also cooperated with some hostile states (former Soviet republics) to attack Russia, and to contaminate us with uprisings and terrorism.

Since 1992, Russia has experienced two kinds of destruction, one according to Western plans and another spontaneous. What was inherited from the Soviet Union (industry, army, science, and human resources) was systematicaally destroyed. In place of people with certain moral principles, with certain human and professional qualities, who grew up in the Soviet Union, came people who grew under the influence of liberal propaganda and Russophobia, who cultivated selfishness, and a Western way of life. Their needs were primitive, they were promiscuous, arrogant, stupid and narrow-mindeded.

Harmful reforms, like those introduced by Yeltsin and Putin, continue to be introduced. They allow the fifth column to control the country's resources, our industry, agriculture, education, army, hospitals, etc. The scale of corruption and irregularities is growing; some govermnent posts are given to criminals; industrial productivity is declining (both in absolute and relative terms) and is replaced by imports. The number of Russians is declining while the number of immigrants is growing.

But not everything is negative in our country. The number of people disappointed in liberal reforms is growing. This causes hostility toward liberals and toward the West. Public opinion is inevitably moving towards more patriotism and away from the reverence of the West. More and more people become aware of disasters resulting from Yeltsin's reforms. These people know that the Western model and liberal Russophobic ideology should be replaced by our own independent path of development. They are ready to re-evaluate the Soviet past. Unlike Liberals, who view this past as a heavy, gloomy period of repression, dictatorship and totalitarianism, these people perceive it as a period of greatness, victories and achievements. Another positive development is the fact that tentative steps toward political independence, both internal and external, were undertaken by Putin. He is tryng to weaken the power of the United States and of the oligarchic elite. Furthermore, the rising costs of energy resources lead to some economic improvements, such as decline of poverty, and beginning of rearmament.

Today, Russia is at a critical point in its development. Either patriots will succeed in destroying the Yeltsin legacy and restoring the independence of Russia, or the United States and the fifth column will succeed in finishing the process of deterioration of our country.

But the victory of the patriots will not be easy. The vast majority of people, even among the patriots, do not know how to proceed. They have no idea of the new national ideology, or of its principles. They do not understand that in order to win we must get rid of Yeltsin's legacy, and return to rigid confrontations with the West, even more rigid than during the Cold War. Let us be clear, Russia does not have any real patriotic political forces now. Parties in our Duma are nothing more than amorphous formations, they are not groups of ideologically united people.

Those who actually occupy some position belong to one of two main camps, "Putiners" and "opposition" controlled by the fifth column. Under Yeltsin, the opposition was patriotic, and the government pro-Western. But this gradually changed. Not having other options, patriots began to gather around Putin while the United States and the fifth column began to shift toward the exiled government of Yeltsinites, who opposed Putin. But Putin is not a patriotic leader; he joined the patriots by necessity in response to growing pressure and criticism from the West. Putin is not aiming at a serious confrontation with the West; he does not want, and probably cannot kick-start a real rebirth of Russia.

But the policy of Putin, and of his supporters, is not patriotic; they will not ensure the revival of the country. Putin is not trying to abandon the liberal model; he is not seriously fighting corruption and abuse. Putin does not have a coherent personnel policy. Some high public office holders are odious, incompetent, mired in corruption. They are Russophobic and connected with the West. Putin's economic policy continues to be controlled by liberals and oligarchs. Fifth column in the government continues to introduce highly-devastating laws. The entire state apparatus continues to be ineffective, corrupt, full of incompetent people. And Putin simply has no clear strategies for solving important problems for Russia, and there are no people who would take charge of this. Here is one convincing illustration. Several years ago the United States started preparing a coup in Ukraine. Russia did not react by supporting, organizing, and consolidating the pro-Russian forces. Catastrophic consequences of this are widely known.

Today's society is in a state of duality and hidden conflict. But sooner or later, probably very soon, the conflict will be exposed. Enemies trying to destroy the country will be on one side; those who want to defend it will be on the other. But most people, unfortunately, are blissfully unaware. They were not awakened during Gorbachev's period, or during the fascist coup in Ukraine, resulting in the genocide of the Russian population. It is time to wake up, and to unite under the leadership of a trully patriotic program and ideology. Nothing will happen by itself, as it did not happen in Ukraine.

Of course, awakening of people and uniting patriots will not be easy, especially during the period of progressive deterioration, when most people are "emotional thinkers." But such tasks should be undertaken, first by uniting critically thinking patriots and then by offering a truly motivating plan to the entire population. What is also needed is an effective organization, in which every patriot knows how to act. That organization should have a program describing what to do after the victory over the fifth column, when the power is in our hands. In other words, we need an ideology under which all social changes will be take place. That ideology will unite us; it will guide the entire patriotic movement. We plan to create a simplified version of this ideology, on the basis of ideas previously described in this forum. The title of the thread was "transition to a reasonable society."

The main ideas of our patriotic program:

1) Russia should become a country where all decisions are taken in the interest of the healthy part of society, of people who adhere to moral principles, common sense, whose aspirations are directed to their own development and the development of the country. Improper, immoral, anti-social behavior, selfishness and blatant pursuit of their own interests to the detriment of the public interest should be strongly and finally suppressed.

2) The oligarchy, the corrupt gang in the government, and organized crime should be uncompromisingly and decisively crushed. Power should reside in the hands of honest and competent people, acting for the good and the rebirth of Russia.

3) Measures should be taken to strengthen healthy lifestyles of the population, to destroy bad habits and social vices. All who need help (in order to lead meaningful and dignified lives) should receive it. People consistently exhibiting antisocial, criminal tendencies must be isolated and forcibly re-educated.

4) It is necessary to conduct a coherent population policy. This policy should be coordinated with a set of other measures aimed at ensuring the growth of Russia's population, increasing birth rate among the indigenous population, and by discouraging immigration. Measures should be undertaken to control internal migration, to ensure favorable conditions for life in all regions, to unload the excess population from large cities to revive small settlements and motivate the development of the Russian population of Siberia and the Far East.

5) It is necessary to destroy, by means of expulsion and exclusion, the fifth column operating for hostile forces, supporting Russophobian views and justifying acts of sabotage against Russia. The same applies to traitors associated with the United States, and to those who support the ideas of Islamic extremism, radical nationalism and staunch representatives of other harmful and extremist organizations.

6) It is necessary to adopt and begin implementation, at the state level, of programs to revive our agriculture, industry, scientific and technological capabilities, in order to make Russia self-sufficient and a first-rate power.

7) It is necessary to declare the illegality of the collapse of the Soviet Union, to make efforts to revise the results of its collapse, and to reunite its parts. Using its new progressive ideology, Russia should lead the world in the fight against the exploitation by the US and other Western powers.

No other country in the world is more suitable than Russia, to start building the new rational social order. Components of reasonable outlook and values are deeply rooted in the traditions of the Russian people, who always sought to live by the truth and to adhere to the idea of a just social order.

All sensible people are invited to contact us, and to work with us, to restore great Russia.