Patricia Clark Kenschaft, Ph.D.
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Montclair State University
Montclair, NJ 07043
office: 973-655-7246
home: 973-744-7340
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Ph.D., University of  Pennsylvania, Mathematics (Functional Analysis), 1973
M.A. in Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania, 1963
A.B. With Honors, Swarthmore College, 1961
          Major: Mathematics; Minors: English, Philosophy, Education


1988-, Professor of Mathematics, Montclair State University
1985-1988, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Montclair State University
1973-1985, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Montclair State University
1988-95: gave hundreds of demonstration classes in public elementary schools of various New Jersey public districts, both urban and suburban
1971-73: Adjunct in Mathematics, Bloomfield College
1971: Adjunct in Mathematics, St. Elizabeth's College
1965-71: Full-time mother, founder of Milldam Cooperative Nursery School, Concord, MA
1962-65: Teaching assistant, University of Pennsylvania
1961-62: Mathematics Teacher, Ridley Township High School, PA
Summer 1960: Junior High School Mathematics Teacher, Springfield, Delaware County, PA


1998-   Host, Math Medley, a weekly (Saturdays) hour-long call-in talk show on the net and in southern New England (WARL at 1320 on the AM dial at noon); each with a different guest, beginning in May 1998.  Return to homepage for the link  to net broadcasting.

2003: Chair, Equity and Diversity Integration Task Force of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

2000-2004   Chair of the Committee on Mathematics and the Environment, national Mathematical Association of America, 1997-2000:   Vice Chair

1990-   Mathematics Coalition of New Jersey, serve on the Policy Task Force

1988-   Delegate to the Montclair State President's Commission on Affirmative Action from the  American Federation of Teachers, Local 1904; Chair of Commission: 1997-1998.

1993-95 Director, Montclair Site of New Jersey State Systemic Initiative in Mathematics,
 Science and Technology (succeeding PRIMES on the MSU campus)

1987-93 First National Chair, Committee on Participation of Women
Mathematical Association of America

1989-93  Director of PRIMES, the Project for Resourceful  Instruction of    Mathematics in the Elementary School, supported by Eisenhower Funds

1988-1994 Joint Committee on Women, first three years delegate from the Association for Women in Mathematics, second three years delegate from the Mathematical Association of America

1993: Evaluated National Science Foundation grant proposals 7/29-31 for applications of improved elementary mathematics curricula, Washington, DC

1987-91 President, New Jersey Conference, American Association of University Professors

1988-90 Founder and First President, New Jersey Faculty Forum

1990-94 Secretary, New Jersey Faculty Forum

1988-90 Director of DOME, Development of Mathematics Education, at Broadway Elementary
             School in Newark, NJ, supported by EXXON Educational Foundation

1986    Editor of the State-of-the-Art Monitoring Reviews of the  National Research Council:
            Rewrote summaries of modern mathematical research by leading mathematicians

1984-88  Vice Chair for Speakers, Mathematical Association of  America, New Jersey Section
1988-92  Vice Chair, for Innovations Mathematical Association of America, New Jersey Section
1992-94 Vice Chair for Two Year Colleges, MAA, New Jersey Section

1981-87 Member of Faculty Committee on Teaching, a five-person all-campus committee that edited a newsletter and planned and sponsored a variety of programs for enhancing the quality of teaching at Montclair State.  Over half the faculty participated.f

1981-82 Visiting Lecturer for the NJ MAA; gave 25 speeches to high school students

1981--  Founder and President, New Jersey Association for Women in Mathematics

1978-79 - Program Chair of the National Association for Women in Mathematics

Active member: American Mathematical Society, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, National Association of Mathematicians, Association for Women in Mathematics, Women in Mathematics Education, Benjamin Banneker Association


To appear: Change is Possible: Stories of Women and Minorities in Mathematics, American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, August, 2005.

Environmental Mathematics, co-editor with Ben Fusaro, Mathematical Association of America, Washington, DC, 2003

Mathematics for Human Survival, Whittier Publications, Inc., 2002 (

Math Power: How to Help Your Child Love Mathematics Even if You Don't, Addison-Wesley-Longman, 1997.

Winning Women into Mathematics, editor and author of first four chapters, Washington, D.C., Mathematical Association of America, 1991.

Linear Mathematics: A Practical Approach, Worth Publishers, Inc., 1978 (Used at over 50 institutions).

Mathematics: A Practical Approach, Worth Publishers, Inc., 1978, co-authored with Kenneth Kalmanson (Used at over 40 institutions).

Childbirth, Cooperative Style: A Family Experience With Prepared Childbirth and Prenatal Classes, Exposition Press, 1977.

Calculus: A Practical Approach, Worth Publishers, Inc., 1975; Second Edition, 1978, co-authored with Kenneth Kalmanson (Used at over 140 colleges and universities).


"Racial Equity Requires Teaching Elementary School Teachers More Mathematics," Notices of the AMS, 52:2, Feburary 2005, 208-212.

"Charlotte Angas Scott" and "Marjorie Lee Browne" in Complexities: Women in Mathematics, Bettye Anne Case and Anne M. Leggett, editors, Princeton University Press, 2005.

To appear: "Marjorie Lee Browne," in Notable American Women, to be published by the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.

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Over three hundred hour-long call-in radio shows Math Medley from May 1998 to 2004; return to homepage to go to a list of titles and guests.

"Mathematics for Human Survival," Middlebury College, October 7, 2003.

"Math Power in Montclair," Montclair Public Schools, March 12, 2002.

"Mathematics and the Public," Invited Symposium at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, February 20, 2001.

"What Do We Mean By 'Math for All?'" Symposium at Teachers' College, Columbia University, New York City, 2/23/98.

Interview on "New Jersey Viewpoint," WABC-TV, 2/15/98 6:15 AM.

Radio Interviews: "Tom Pope Show" heard in Detroit, Philadelphia, North Carolina, and Connecticut: 1/20/98 noon and 2/16, 11:30; "Education Friday," Wisconsin Public Radio, 12/12/97, 5:30-6:30, Wisconsin Rapids, 1/20/98, 10:00-10:30 AM, Duluth: 1/30/98, 11:00, Chicago good music station 96.3 FM, 3/15/98, 5:30 PM.

"Infinities:  What Can We Know and What Can We Never Know?" 3/26/97 Math Day for High School Students, Montclair State University

"Stories and Pictures of Some African Americans in Mathematics," 5/15/96 Regional Conference of the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey, Montclair State University

"Reaching the Public: Are Mathematicians the New Dinosaurs?" 4/25/96, Rhode Island Section, Mathematical Assocation of America, after-dinner keynote speaker, Providence, RI

"Writing in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics," 3/15/96 and 3/17/95, Rutgers University Pre-Calculus conference

*"Women in Mathematics in New Jersey: Past, Present, and Future," 10/21/94, keynote speaker for a conference on women in mathematics, Kean College, Union, NJ

"How Can Mathematicians Help Elementary School Teachers?" 3/17/94, Rutgers University Math-CS Collaborative, NJ

*"Equity: The Next Steps," 10/1/93, Liberty Science Center, Keynote speaker of Geraldine Dodge honor for high-achieving teachers

*"Microinequitites in Mathematics," 2/11/93, after-dinner speaker in two-day conference of the Nebraska SSI, Lincoln, NE; also spoke to the mathematics faculty at the University of Nebraska about reaching out to elementary school teachers and to women graduate students about women in mathematics

*"Mathematicians and Primary Grade Teachers Need Each Other," 1/14/93, San Antonio, TX, invited speaker of the Mathematics Education Reform Network

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Keynote Speaker, Academic Boosters Club, 1/31/85, Nutley, NJ

"Blacks and Women in Mathematics," 10/13/84, Brookdale Community College Mathematics, semi-annual meeting of the Association of Two-Year Colleges of New Jersey

"High School Mathematics and Blacks in Mathematics," 6/5&6/84, VLD Jr. High School and three middle schools in East Orange, NJ (four presentations of the same paper)

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Raise all the family’s vegetables year round in an intensive organic garden since 1979 with no poisons or artificial fertilizers
1997-2005: Held three or four "Open Gardens" each year, showing my garden to the dozens of members of the visiting public each time; in 2003 over a hundred people came to each of the three..
1995: Took 250 people on tours of my garden that was featured in three newspaper articles
1986-2000:  Secretary of the Cornucopia Network of New Jersey, dedicated to local food and composting
2000- Newsletter editor, CNNJ
1994-1996: Very active in a movement to handle New Jersey sludge in a more ecological, economical manner
1999 Very active in a movement to prevent Essex County municipalities from renewing a mass-burn incinerator

2002-- After receiving training as a mentor for discussions about our relationship to the earth sponsored by the Northwest Earth Institute, have started over 25 discussion groups.

Since January 2002 I have demonstrated for peace weekly for 1.5 hours on a major corner of Montclair; since the summer of 2003, I've been co-leading the demonstrations.

1996-99: Co-Clerk, Peace and Service Committee, Montclair Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
1999-2005: Grounds Committtee, Religious Society of Friends

1994-2002: New Jersey Board, United Nations Association of the USA
1994-: Montclair Board, United Nations Association of the USA
1992-94 and 2001-3: President, Montclair Chapter, United Nations Association of the USA

1982-84: Licensed emergency teen-age foster parent, taking in youngsters in trouble
1981-82: American Field Service "parent" for a Japanese student in my home for a year

1976-81: Sponsored a Kenyan student at MSU for his college education
1971: Brought a Sri Lankan student to this country for a live-saving operation

1968-70: Founder and first president of a cooperative nursery school that still thrives in Concord, Massachusetts.  (Spoke to hundreds at its twenty fifth anniversary party)

Mother of a daughter and son, Cub Den Mother and Girl Scout Leader

March 8, 2000: received "The 2000 Annual Peace and Justice Award" from the Northern New Jersey Chapter of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, as a "dedicated humanitarian and environmentalist for the cause of saving the earth."