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Topics and Guests of Math Medley
Dr. Pat Kenschaft, Host

1. May 16, 1998: Claire Pollard, "Recent Changes in Children's Math Education," President of the Rhode Island Mathematics Teachers' Association (RIMTA), mathematics teacher-educator in the Providence public schools.

2. May 23: Dr. John Long, "Changing Expectations of Teachers and Kids," Professor of Education, University of Rhode Island.

*3. May 30: Joan Countryman, "Girls and Math," Head of Lincoln School, Providence, RI, author of Writing in Mathematics.

4. June 6, 1998: Dr. David Capaldi, "Changing Forms of Testing," Mathematics Department Chair, Tollgate High School, Warwick, RI, former president of RIMTA

*5. June 13: Dr. Gloria Gilmer, "Ethnomathematics," innovator of strategies attracting underrepresented groups to math based on ethnomathematics, founding president of the International Study Group of Ethnomathematics.

*6. June 20: Dr. Tom Banchoff, "New Trends in Mathematics Research and Teaching," Professor of Mathematics, Brown University, president of the Mathematical Association of America, author of Beyond the Third Dimension, two other books, and 75 mathematical research papers.

*7. June 27: Dr. Cathy Kessel, "Standardized Testing and Gender Issues," editor, consultant, educator, researcher.

8. July 4: Barry Schiller, "Environmental Mathematics," Associate Professor of Mathematics, Rhode Island College.

*9. July 11: Trina Paulus, "Hope, Math, and the Environment" author of Hope for the Flowers, of which two million copies have been sold.

*10. July 18: Dr. Rudy Rucker, "Infinity," author 17 books, including Mind Tools, The Five Levels of Mathematical Reality, Professor of Computer Science, San Jose State College.

*11. July 25: Olga Torres, "Including All Children in Elementary School Mathematics," Multigrade (3rd -- 5th), multilingual teacher in the Tucson Public Schools, winner of President Award in Mathematics, 1995, teaches a class including rebellious children.

*12. August 1: Dr. Dennis Nelson, "Mathematical Challenges of a Large School System," Mathematics Coordinator, Mesa Public Schools, AZ

*13. August 8: Gail Burrill, "Standards in Mathematics: Why Do We Need Them and What Do They Mean for Teachers and Students?" Immediate Past President, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, former high school teacher.

*14. August 15: Dr. Tony Terceira, "Getting all High School Students Through College Preparatory Mathematics," Mathematics Coordinator, Providence Public Schools; national Equity 2000.

*15. August 22: Virginia Thompson, "Family Math: Helping Your Child With Math," Director, national Family Math program, co-author of Family Math (sold over 300,000 copies).

*16. August 29: Jamie Vollmer, "Why Our Schools Need to Change," President, Local Control Project, former corporate president now devoted to education reform.

17. September 5: Marla Parker, "Careers in Mathematics," author of She Does Math! Real-Life Problems from Women on the Job.

*18. September 12: Dr. Robert E. Megginson, "Native American Mathematics," Professor of Mathematics, University of Michigan

19. September 19: Alisa Graviz, Executive Director, Co-op America, "Thoughtful Personal Finances for a Sustainable World" (Spending and Investing thoughtfully)

*20. September 26: Mark Wohl, "Using the Seven Intelligences to Teach Math," author of Math for Humans and A Mathematical Mystery Tour

21. October 3: Dr. Susan Epstein, "Artificial Intelligence," Professor of Computer Science, City University of New York; on Senior Program Committee for the American Association for AI

22. October 10: Dr. Danny Martin, "Blacks and Mathematics," finishing a book on his research to be published next year by Erlbaum; mathematics faculty of Contra Costa College in San Pablo

23. October 17: Dr. Frances Rosamond, "Math Anxiety," Professor of Mathematics, National University, San Diego

*24. October 24: Dr. James Tattersall, "Women in Mathematics," Professor of Mathematics, Providence College

*25. October 31: Shirley Frye, "The Ten Years Since the Standards," past president of the National Council of Teacher of Mathematics

26. November 7: Dr. Michael Fellows, "Parenting and the Popularization of Math," Professor of Computer Science, University of Victoria, author of 100 research papers and 3 books for helping children enjoy and understand mathematics.

*27. November 14: Claudia Zaslavsky, "Multicultural Mathematics," author of eleven books about multicultural mathematics.

*28. November 21: Milo Novelo, "Teaching Elementary School Mathematics in a Harlem Public School," winner of 1995 Children's Choice Award as most effective teacher.

*29> November 28: Sherry Baca, "Imaginative Mathematics," director of North Central Arizona Mathematics and Science Consortium, high school mathematics teacher, Prescott Public Schools, past president of the Arizona Association of Mathematics Teachers.

30. December 5, 1998: Brent Blackwelder, "Federal Budget and the Environment," Executive Director of Friends of the Earth in Washington, DC.

31. December 12: Cathy Twomey Fosnow, "Reforming Mathematics Education in the Public Schools of New York City," Professor of Education, CUNY, leads math reform program throughout Manhatten (New York City), author of three books, including Reconstructing Mathematics Education and Instruction.

December 19: Dr. Michael Aucott, "Religion, Mathematics, and the Environment," Research Scientist, Air Quality specialist, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

*33. January 2, 1999: Dr. Ed Burger, "A Conversation with Edward Burger, the Funniest Mathematician Alive," co-author of The Heart of Mathematics.

*34. January 9: Dr. Dorothy Strong, "Mathematics Education as a Mission," Directing a mathematics program in the Chicago Public Schools, retired Director of Mathematics of the Chicago Public Schools, former National Science Foundation Coordinator for the Urban Coaltion, first president of the Benjamin Bannaker Association.

35. January 16: Dr. Virginia Knight, "The Women and Mathematics Network," Professor of Mathematics, Meredith College, North Carolina.

*36. January 23, Ann Koblitz, "Sofia Kovalevskaia," author of Sofia Kovalevskaia, and Constance Reid, author of Julia, biography of her sister, Julia Robinson.

37. January 30: Drs. Ann and Neal Koblitz: "Reaching people in other counties via the Sonia Kovalevskaia Foundation," tenured professors of Women's Studies at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona, and of Mathematics at the University of Washington in Seattle, respectively.  They are the directors of the Kovalevskaia Fund, and travel repeatedly to third world places disseminating enthusiasm for mathematics, especially among women.

*38. February 6: Dr. Frances Raucher, "How Music Helps People Learn Mathematics," Professor of Psychology, University of Wisconsin, Oskosh.

39. February 13: Dr. Frederick Chichester, "Valentine's Day Special: Family Values and Mathematics Education," mathematics reformer and spouse of Math Medley host.

40. February 20: Dr. Deborah Ball, Guest Host, "The Joy of Mathematics," an Interview with Dr. Pat Kenschaft," Professor of Education, University of Michigan, Interviewer of many teachers of mathematics at various levels, author of many papers on how math is taught.

41. February 27: Drs. Eileen Fernandez, Michael Jones and Amy Rabb-Lui, "Math Reform at the College Level," Montclair State University.

*42. March 6: Garland Thompson, "The Achievements of Black Mathematicians I Have Known," Editorial Director, U.S. Black Engineer, Career Communications Group

43. March 13: Dr. Anthony Piccolino, "The Vision of National Standards," Montclair State University, former speaker for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

*44. March 20: Christy Barnett, Teaching Sixth Grade Mathematics," Mesa Public Schools.

*45. March 27: Dr. Robert Frank, "Luxury Fever," author of Luxury Fever, Professor of Economics, Cornell University.

46. April 3, Dr. Rhonda Vonshay Sharpe, "Mathematical Economics," Columbia University and Barnard College.

47. April 10: The Rev. Slim Coleman, "Mathematics in Parent and Community Organizing," vice president of the Chicago Algebra Project, helped develop "Bi-mathematics", parent of three children, minister of Adalberto United Methodist Church.

48. April 17: Deborah Hughes Hallett, "Learning Mathematics: Opportunity or Obstacle?" Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, University of Arizona, leading math reformer, co-author of calculus reform text.

*49. April 24: Dr. John Dossey, "United States Testing: Past and Future," former president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Professor of Mathematics, Illinois State University at Normal, IL.

50. May 1: Diane Ritter, "Problem Solving and Thinking for Everyone," author of The Memory Jogger, which has sold over six million copies, systems consultant.

*51. May 8: Dr. Uri Treisman, "Including all Groups in Advanced Mathematics," University of Texas at Austin, did seminal research in how to help minority students succeed at college mathematics and has implemented landmark successful programs helping them do so.

*52. May 15: Dr. Carole Lacampagne, "A National Perspective on United Mathematics Education," senior mathematician at the U.S. Department of Education, Washington, DC.

*53. May 22: Dr. Edward Connors, "Mathematical Modeling," Professor of Mathematics, University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

54. May 29: Marcy Cook, "Creating Live Mathematics Thinking," Math Consultant and Writer.

55. June 5: Dr. David Abrahamson, "Mathematics in Sports," Associate Professor of Mathematics, Rhode Island College.

*56. June 12: Grace Coates, "Family Math," co-author of Family Math for Young Children, Director, International Family Math, based at Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California at Berkeley.

*57. June 19: Dr. Richard Zang, "Teaching Social Responsibility in a Math Classroom," Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of New Hampshire.

*58. June 26: Dr. Liping Ma, "Chinese and U.S. Mathematics Education," author of Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics: Teachers' Understanding of Fundamental Mathematics in China and the United States.

*59. July 3, 1999: Wobberson Torchon, "Success Stories in Urban Providence," Mathematics Teacher, Finestein High School, also teaches in Saturday program and Upward Bound

60. July 10: Dr. Regina Brunner, "Reach for the Stars and You'll Get One," Assistant to the Provost for Research and Planning, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

*61. July 17: Dr. George Andrews, "Ramanujan," Professor, Penn State, and Paul Hoffman, "Paul Erdos," author of He Loved Only Numbers, publisehr of Encyclopedia Britannica.

*62. July 24: Dr. Evelyn Boyd Granville, "Looking Back... Looking Forward," first African American woman to receive a doctorate in mathematics.

*63. July 31: "The American Mathematical Society in Providence," Dr. Arthur Jaffe, Professor of Mathematics at Harvard University and Immediate Past President of the AMS, Dr. Sylvia Wiegand, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and Immediate Past President of the Association for Women in Mathematics, Dr. Philip Davis, retired Professor of Applied Mathematics at Brown University and author of The Mathematical Experience.

64. August 7, 1999: Cheryl Anderson, "Teaching Mathematics in a Urban Middle School," mathematics teacher at Bringham Middle School, Providence, RI.

65. August 14: Charles Margulis, "Mathematics in Genetic Engineering and Current Environmental Standards," Genetic Engineering Specialist with Greenpeace, USA.

*66. August 21: Dr. Marta Civil, "Latino Families' Participation and Influence on Children's Learning of Mathematics," University of Arizona, Tucson.

*67. August 28: Dr. Johnny Houston, "Mobilizing Black Mathematicians," Executive Director, National Association of Mathematicians, Professor of Mathematics, Elizabeth City State University, North Carolina.

*68. September 3, 1999: Cecelia Villabona, "Every Kid Can Learn Math," math teacher, Washington Irving High School, New York City, 1997 winner of the Murdock-Thompson Award.

*69. September 10: Dr. Frank Morgan, "Do Mathematicians Think Sideways?" Meenan Third Century Professor of Mathematics, Williams College.

70. September 18: Susan Davis, "Making a Profit While Making a Difference," CEO of Capital Missions Company, bringing together business leaders to address social problems.

*71. September 25: Warren Leon, "Consumer Choices and the Environment," Deputy Director, Union of Concerned Scientist, co-author of Consumer Choices and the Environment

*72. October 2, 1999: Dr. Judy Roitman, "Are Kids Learning Math in School?" Professor of Mathematics, University of Kansas.

*73. October 9: Dr. Robert McChesney, "Math in the Media," author of Rich Media, Poor Democracy, and professor at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champange.

*74. October 16: Beatrice Lumpkin, "Did Mathematics Begin in Africa?" author of several books.

*75. October 23: Dr. Michael Starbird, Associate Dean, University of Texas at Austin, co-author of The Heart of Mathematics: Math for Real People

*76. October 30: Judith Crawford, "Making Learning Fun," kindergarten teacher in rural Nebraska, winner of the 1999 Murdock-Thompson Teaching Award

77. November 6, 1999: Dr. Larry Riddle, "Enticing Girls Into Mathematics," Professor of Mathematics, Agnes Scott College, webmaster of website about women mathematicians

*78. November 13: Dr. Carol Malloy, "The Changing World of Mathematics Education," Past President of the Benjamin Banneker, Director of NCTM, Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

*79. November 20: Dr. William Rathje, "Mathematics of Garbage," Professor of Archeology, University of Arizona, co-author of Rubbish and Use Less Stuff.

*80. November 27: Cindy Boyd, "I Feel a Song Coming On: Singing Your Way to Math Success," Mathematics Teacher, Abeline High School, Texas.

*81. December 4, 1999: Dr. Lynn Steen, "How and Why do People Learn Mathematics?" Past President, Mathematical Association of America, Professor of Mathematics, St. Olaf's College, MN.

82. December 11, Dr. Mary Gray, "Using Statistics to Make the World Better," Professor of Mathematics, American University, founder of the Association for Women in Mathematics.

*83. December 18, Bob Wortman, "What to Look for in Early Childhood Mathematics Classrooms," Director of School Improvement, Tucson Public Schools, kindergarten teacher for 13 years, principal for 12 years.

84. December 25, Dr. Miriam Cooney, Sister of the Holy Cross, "Religion and Mathematics," studied 100 American nuns with doctorates in mathematics.

*85. January 1, 2000: Ed Ayres, "Why are We Not Astonished?" author of God's Last Offer: Negotiating for a Sustainable Future, editor of World Watch magazine.

*86. January 8, Diane Schaefer and Judi Keeley, "Math: An Entire State's Agenda," State Mathematics Specialist with the Rhode Island Department of Education and Math Resource Specialist at the Northern Rhode Island Collaborative.

*87. January 15, Dr. Joseph Rosenstein, "Doing Math Discretely," Director, New Jersey Mathematics Coalition, Professor of Mathematics, Rutgers University.

*88. January 22, Susan Ohanian, "One Size Fits Few," former elementary school teacher, author of twelve books, including One Size Fits Few: the Folly of Educational Standards.

*89. January 29, Dr. Richard Askey, "A Different Perspective on Mathematics Education Reform," Professor of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin, Member of the National Academy of Sciences

90. February 5, 2000: Jeri Trabant, "How Do Children Look at Mathematics?" fifth grade teacher, Glaucester City Public Schools, NJ, winner of the 1990 Presidential Awardee for New Jersey for the Teaching of Mathematics at the Elementary Level.

*91. February 12, Dr. Lee Stiff, president-elect, NCTM, editor of Developing Mathematical Reasoning, 1999, Yearbook, Professor of Mathematics Education, North Carolina State University.

*92. February 19, Dr. Janet Teeguarden, "Quantitative Literacy," Director of the Quantitative Reasoning Center, Ivy Tech State College, Indianapolis, Indiana.

*93. February 26, Robert Lilienfeld, "Use Less Stuff," University of Michigan, co-author of Use Less Stuff, editor of Use Less Stuff.

94. March 4, Kim McGrigg, "Put the Past Due Behind You," Consumer Credit Counselling Services -- practical advice for consumers.

*95. March 11, Dr. Richard Schwartz, "Environmental Mathematics," author of Mathematics for Global Survival, Professor of Mathematics, College of Staten Island.

*96. March 18, Guillermo Mendieta, "Why I am Threatening a Hunger Strike Over Mathematics Education," Director of the Achievement Council in Los Angeles, has taught math at every level from sixth grade through college.

97. March 25, Dr. Michael Starbird, guest host, co-author of The Heart of Mathematics: An Invitation to Effective Thinking, Professor of Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin.

*98. April 1, Dr. Jean Taylor, "The Many Facets of Mathematics," President of the Association for Women in Mathematics, Professor of Mathematic s, Rutgers University

*99. April 8, Dr. Gloria Hewitt, "From My Life and Thoughts," Professor Emeritus, University of Montana, Third African American women to earn a Ph.D. in mathemaics.

*101. April 22, Dr. Harold Stevenson, "The Learning Gap," Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan, co-author, The Learning Gap: Why Our Schools are Failing and What We can Learn from Japanese and Chinese Education.

*102. April 29, Dr. Walter Haney, "Testing the Testing Business," Professor of Education, Boston College, co-author of The Fractured Marketplace of Standardized Testing.

103. May 6, 2000, Mary Englehard, "Innovations in High School Mathematics," Mathematics Teacher and Chair of Mathematics and Science, School One, Providene, RI.

*104. May 13, Dr. Joan Ferrini-Mundy, "The New Principles and Standards of the NCTM," Associate Dean of the College of Natural Sciences, Director of Science and Mathematics Education and Outreach, and Professor of Mathematics, Michigan State University, Chair of the NCTM Writing Group.

*105. May 20, Steve Wilson and Jane Akre, "Can You Count on Your Government Food Safety Experts?" established TV producers whose careers changed when they produced a feature on beef:

106. May 27, Virginia Boehm, "A Teacher's View on Testing and Teaching," Mathematics Teacher, Tucson High School, AZ.

107. June 3, Dr. Joan Richards, "The Public and Private in Mathematics," author of Angles of Reflection, Associate Professor of History,
Brown University, RI.

108. June 10, Dr. Samuel Epstein, "Mathematics of Cancer," author of The Politics of Cancer Revisited, Professor of Occupational and
Environmental Medicine at the School of Public Health, University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago.

*109. June 17, Dr. Jo Boaler, "Research on Problem-Based and Traditional Mathematics Education," Professor of Mathematics Education,
Stanford University, author of Experiencing School Mathematics: Teaching Style, Sex, and Setting.

110. June 24, Dr. Ed Burger, Guest Host, "Laughs or Tears?  What Do You Think of When You think of Math?" Professor of Mathematics, Williams College, MA, Topler Goggin, Guest, host of a weekly radio show on WCFM.

*111. July 1, 2000: Dr. Glenda Lappan, "Leading the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics," Professor of Mathematics, Michigan
State University, immediate past president, NCTM

112. July 8: Dr. Paul Arriola: "Mathematics and Genetic Engineering," Biologist, Elmhurst College, Illinois.

*113. July 15: Dr. Deborah Lowenberg Ball, "Improving Elementary Mathematics Education," Professor of Educational Studies,
University of Michigan.

*114. July 22: Dr. Richard Tapia, "Underrepresentation: K-12 Education and the Cities," Professor of Computational and Applied
Mathematics, Rice University, Texas.

*115. July 29: Dr. Sue Geller, "A Smorgasbord of Mathematics," Professor of Mathematics, Texas A & M University.

116. August 5, 2000: Felice Yaskel, "Economic Boom -- for Whom?," co-Director, United for a Fair Economy, author of Economic
Apartheid in America.

*117. August 12: Dr. William Anthony Hawkins, Jr., Director, Strengthening Underrepresented Minorities' Mathematical Achievement
program, Mathematical Association of America.

118. August 19: June Porto, "The Growth of a Teacher," Alternative 4th grade teacher, Nellie K. Parker Elementary School, Hackensack, NJ.

120. September 2, 2000: Tracy Shannon, "Are Students Created Equally?" Nationally Board Certified Teacher, Coventry High School,
Rhode Island

121. September 9: Dr. Fred Chichester, "Tricks in Understanding Basic Mathematics," President, New Jersey Microsystems, Inc., Sage
tutor in East Orange Public Schools.

*122. September 16: Barbara White, "Different Strokes for Different Folks," President of the Arizona Mathematics Teachers Association,
Local Area Coordinator for Northern Arizona University, Yavapei Site.

*123. September 23: Dr. Larry Lesser, "Diversity in Algebra," Associate Professor of Mathematics, Armstrong Atlantic State University,
Savannah, GA, co-author of ACT in Algebra: Applications, Concepts and Technology.

*124. September 30: Nancy Buell, "A View From the Elementary Classroom: Standards and High Stakes Testing," fourth grade teacher,
Brookline, MA.

125. October 7, 2000:  Eric Brown, "More Fun, Less Stuff, Consuming Responsibly in a Material World," Communications Director,
Center for a New American Dream.

*126. October 14: Karen Mayfield, "Parents in Middle School Math Education," Associate Director of Equals, University of California at
Berkeley, co-author of Family Math for Middle School.

*127. October 21, 2000: Al Terrell, "I Parents Knew More, They would Do More," Community Development Mathematics Resource
Specialist and Parent Advocate in The Algebra Project of Chicago, Illinois.

*128. October 28: Charlene Morrow, "Connecting with Math," co-editor, Notable Women in Mathematics," Lecturer in Psychology and
Education, Mount Holyoke College.

*129. November 4, 2000: Dr. Bob Massie, "Math and the Environment," Executive Director, Ceres Coalition (Coalition for Environmentally
Responsible Economics).

*130. November 11: Dr. Marcia Sward, "Enviornmental-based Education: Helping our Students Improve Their Math Skills," Senior
Director for Education and Envirornmental Programs, National Environmental Education and Training Foundation, Immediate Past Executive
Director, Mathematical Association of America.

*131. November 18: Sheila Tobias, "Math Anxiety: What It Is and What You Can Do About It," author of Math Anxiety.

*132. November 25: James Muldoon, "Mathematics and the United Nations," Fellow of the Center for Global Change and Governance at
Rutgers, Newark, author, Multilateral Diplomacy and United Nations Today, former Director of the Education Programs for the United
Nations Association of the USA.

*133. December 2, 2000: Carol Brown, "Math in Early Childhood," just retired as supervisor of mathematics Title 1 in the Tucson, AZ,
public schools

*134. December 9: Dr. James Stigler, "The Teaching Gap," co-author of The Teaching Gap, Professor of Psychology at University of
California at Los Angeles.

*135. December 16: Nancy Incinaga, "A Turnaround for a Whole School," just retired principal of Bennett-Kew Elementary School,
Inglewood, CA, the highest scoring Title 1 school and district on the California standardized test.

*136. December 23: Dr. Russell Howell, "Does Faith Matter in Mathematics?" Professor of Mathematics, Westmont College, former
president of the Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences.

*137. December 30, Dr. Philip Davis, "A Mathematician for All Seasons," Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Brown University, author of
The Education of a Mathematician, co-author of The Mathematical Experience.

*138. January 6, 2001: Dr. Rebecca Goldburg, "Genetic Engineering, the Environment, and Risk," Senior Scientist, Environmental Defense.

*139. January 13: Dr. Bob Moses, "Radical Equations: Math Literacy and Civil Rights," President and founder of the Algebra Project,
author of Radical Equations: Math Literacy and Civil Rights, to be published by Beacon Press in February, 2001.

*140. January 20: Debbie Schmidt, "Innovative Mathematics Teaching," Arizona Teacher of the Year, 1999, Bradshaw Mountain High
School, Prescott Valley, AZ

*141. January 27: Beverly Braxton and Dr. Hung-Hsi Wu, "Teaching Teachers Mathematics," Coodinator of Custom Professional
Development Program in Mathematics at the Lawrence Hall of Science and Professor of Mathematics University of California at Berkeley,

*142. February 3, 2001, Dr. Robert Putnam, "The Mathematics of Community," Peter and Isabel Malkin Professor of Public Policy,
Harvard University, author of Bowling Alone.

*143. February 10: Kathy Damkohler and Lisha Papert Lercari, "Improving Math via Teaching Keyboard Music to Little Children,"
Executive Director of "Education Through Music" and Project Director, Music and the Brain, respectively.

*144. February 17: Dr. Johnny Lott, "Figure This: Families and Middle School Mathematics," president-elect of theNational Council of
Teachers of Mathematics, Professor of Mathematics, University of Montana.

*145. February 24: Dr. Neil Harl and Dr. Jenny Ladd, "The Mathematics of Taxes," Professor of Agriculture and Economics at Iowa
State University (and author of 24 books related to agricultural law) and Heir to the Standard Oil fortune (and member of Responible
Wealth), respectively.

*146. March 3, 2001: Dr. Judy Green, "Women in Mathematics," Professor of Mathematics, Marymount University, VA.

*147. March 10, 2001: John Jeavons, "The Poetry of Mathematics in Gardening," author of How to RaiseMore VegetablesThan You
EverThought Possible on Less Land Than You Can Iimagine, Ecology Action.

 *148. March 17: Valerie Whitaker, "A Sixth Grade Teacher's Role in Effectively Increasing Student Demand for Algebra," North
Carolina, Algebra Project's On-Site Facilitator.

*149. March 24: Dr. Linda McNeil, "The Educational Costs of Standard Testing," Rice University author of The Educational Costs of
Standardized Testing.

*150. March 31: Brian Tokar, "World Hunger: What Can We Do?" author of Earth For Sale, The Green Alternative, and Redesigning Life:the Worldwide Challenge to Genetic Engineering.

151. April 7: Dr. Michael Breen, "Creating a Public Understanding of Mathematics," Public Awareness Officer, American Mathematical

*152. April 14: Dr. Mark Saul, "A Frog's Eye View of Education," mathematics teacher, Bronxville High School, member of the board of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Presidential Awardee, 1984.

*153. April 21: Dr. Christopher Jones, "The Mathematics of the Oceans," Professor of Applied Mathematics, Brown University.

154: April 28: Betty Levitin, "Expanding Your Horizons," Executive Director, Math/Science Network in California and coordinator of the
nationwide Expanding Your Horizons program.

155. May 5: Dr. Clea Fernandez, "Applications of Lesson Study in the United States," Assistant Professor of Psychology and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University.

156. May 12: Dr. Micheal Breen, Guest Host, Dr. Donald Saari, "The Mathematics of Voting," Professor of Mathematics, University of
California at Irving, author, Chaotic Elections: The Mathematics of Voting.

157. May 17: Marilyn Frankenstein, "Criticalmath Literacy," College of Public and Community Service, University of Massachusetts in

*158. May 24: Dr. John Warnock, "The Economy of Mexico," Professor of Political Economy, Regina University,uthor of The Other

*159. June 2: Carrie Orgera, "Implementing Japanese Customs in American Public Schools," Middle School Teacher, District 2, New York City Public Schools.

*160. June 9, 2001: Dr. Eugene Klotz, Kristina Lasher, and Dr. Stephen Maurer, "The MathForum at Swarthmore," Professor of
Mathematics, Swarthmore College.

161. June 16: Dr. Genevieve Knight, "Mathematics Activities for After SchoolPrograms" Coppin State College, MD, 2001 Recipient of
NCTM Lifetime Service Award.

162. June 23: Dr. Stephen Willoughby, "What's Wrong With Mathematics Education and What You Can Do About It," past president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, University of Arizona.

163. June 30: Marjorie Thompson, "Educating All Children in a Low-Income School: A School in Transition," recently retired principal,
Kelso Elementary School, Inglewood, CA, which has very high state test scores in a predominantly minority, low socio-economic district.

164. July 7, 2001: Dr. Gary Martin, "Implementing the NCTM Standards: Challenges and Opportunities," Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Auburn University, Alabama, former Director of Research and then Chief Education Officer with the National Council of
Teachers of Mathematics.

165. July 14: Jay Feldman, "The Mathematics of Pesticides," Director, Beyond Pesticides.

166. July 21: Wendy Diskin, "Teaching Math Creatively in Middle School," Sixth Grade Teacher, Bradford Mountain Middle School,
Winner of the 1999 Arizona of the Year Award.

167. July 28: Valerie Whitaker, Guest Host, "The Young People's Project," featuring young people who are taking leadership in the
Algebra Project, Guests: Ernest Brooks, Quanda Edwards, Cornell Watson.

168. August 4: Douglas Livingston, "Our Energy Crisis: From Efficiency to Solar Power, Crunching the Numbers," Applications Engineer, Real Goods

169: August 11: Karon Stewart, "Math Rap, Another Radio Outreach," host of Math Rap, which can be heard Wednesdays 3:00 PM to
4:00 PM Chicago time at

170. August 18: Dr. Ed Conners, Guest Host, Guests: Prof. John Bracy, W.E.B. DuBois Afro-American Studies Department, University
of Massachusetts at Amherst, The Rev. Gabe Costa, Professor of Mathematics at Seton Hall University, NJ.

171. August 25: Dr. Diane Briars, "Before It's Too Late," Member of the national Glenn Commission, Supervisor of Mathematics,
Pittsburgh Public Schools.

172. September 1: James Ernakes, Immediate Past President, Rhode Island Mathematics Teachers Association, Mathematics Department
Chair, Coventry High School, successful adoptive single parent.

173. September 8, 2001: Dr. Nel Noddings, president of the National Academy of Education, just retired as Lee Jacks Professor of
Education, Stanford University, author of many books and papers, including The Challenge to Care in Schools and Philosophy of

174. September 15: Dr. Marjorie Enneking, "Improving he Preparation of Teachers of Mathematics," Professor of Mathematics, Portland
State University, Oregon.

175. September 22, 2001, Dr. A. R. Palmer, "Humanity Has a Problem," past chair of the Critical Issues Committee of the Geological
Society of America, President, The Insitute for Cambian Studies, University of Colorado.

176. September 29, Dr. Ann Watkins, "The Joy of Statistics," President of the Mathematical Association of America, Professor of
Mathematics, California State University at Northridge.

177. October 6, 2001: Dr. Titu Ansdreescu, "Winning International Mathematics Competitions," Director of Competitions, Mathematical
Association of America.

178. October 13: "The Mathematical Preparation of Teachers," Dr. Michael Breen, American Mathematical Society, Dr. James Lewis,
Chair, Department of Mathematics, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Co-chair, Conference Board of Mathematical Sciences.

179. October 20: Dr. Anne Collins, Director of the Partnership Promoting Student Achievement in Mathematics, Boston College
Mathematics Institute, formerly Mathematics Coordinator for the state of Massachusetts.

180.  October 27: Clark Wiliams-Derr, "Developing Sustainability Indicators for Measuring True Social and Environmental Progress,"
Director of Research, Northwest Environmental Watch,.

181. November 3, 2001: Dr. Catherine Lewis, Mills College, author of Educating Hearts and Minds.

182. November 10: Dr. Alan Shoenfeld, "High Quality Mathematics for All: Issues of Standards, Testing, and Equity," vice president,
National Academy of Education, former president, American Educational Research Association, member AAAS.

183. November 17: Janet Larsen, "The Mathematics Behind the Automobile," Staff Researcher, Earth Policy Institute.

184. November 24: Dr. Bernard Madison, "Bumps on the Road from School to College," Professor of Mathematics, University of
Arkansas, Visiting Mathematician at the Mathematical Association of American, Washington, DC.

185. December 1: Dr. Alice Schafer, "A Woman Mathematician's Perspective," Professor Emeritus, Wellesley College, second president of
the Association for Women in Mathematics.

186. December 8: Dr. William Velez, "Every college student should be a mathematics major." University Professor of Mathematics,
University of Arizona, Tucson, governor for underrepresented minorities, Mathematical Association of America, past president, Society for the
Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science.

187. December 15: Holly Sklar and Laryssa Mykyta, "Raising the Floor: Your Job Should Take You Out of Poverty, Not Keep You in It,"
co-authors of Raising the Floor.

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