Math Power:

How to Help Your Child Love Math Even If You Don't

Table of Contents

c. Pat Kenschaft


Part I: Empowering You

1. Mathematical Power: What, Why, How, and Who

2. The Flower:What is Mathematical Ability?

Where Does It Come From?

3. How Math Blooms

4. The Wonderful Number Three and How it Changes

5. Tending the Garden: Questions and Answers

Part II: Getting Started With Your Child

6. Fun and Games with Preschoolers

7. Nurturing Preschool Promise

8. Language, the Slippery Bridge

Part III: Your Child Starts School

9. Primary Grade Success

10. Math Topics Your School May Not Teach But You Can

11. What Your Child Should Know: Modern NCTM Standards

12. What Your Child Should Know: Traditional Checklist

13. Getting Along with Your Child's Teachers

14. The Fifth Grade Crisis

Part IV: Why So Many Children Are Damaged

15. Covenant Dishonored: Three Theories of Educational Reform

16. How Drill and Kill Cripples U.S. Math Education

17. Why Drill and Kill Holds U.S. Math Education Hostage

18. What Every Parent Should Know About Testing and Grading

19. The Underside of U.S. Testing

Part V: Tweaking the Machine

20. Together We Can Do Much More: Creating a Climate

21. Structural Change for Your District and State

22. Will the Real Mathematics Stand Up and Be Recognized?

Appendix A: National Policy Documents

Appendix B: Organizations

Appendix C: Free Catalogs with toll-free numbers

Appendix D: Internet Resources

Annotated Bibliographies about Math for Your Children, Math for Adults and Teenagers, Learning and Teaching Math, Psychology, Equity Issues, Biography and History, Careers, Structural Change