John L. Isidor, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Montclair State University

Office: RI348
VOICE: 973.655.7133
FAX:     973.655.7772

Courses taught:  Organic Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Chromatographic Methods, Spectroscopy.

Research interests:  Organic synthesis of medicinally active compounds.  Synthesis of small ring heterocycles.


Undergraduate Researcher Andrea McNamara

Recent  research activity

Preparation of 5-[4-pyridyl]-[2,3-d]Thienopyrimidine-4-one
as a Thymitaq Analog

Student Researcher: Mr. Daniel Savad
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Jack Isidor

Project Summary:

One promising anticancer drug recently reported in the literature is Thymitaq (AG-337, C&ENews, 02/23/97), whose structure is shown below.  This compound displays strong antitumor activity, but displays some undesirable side effects in humans.  The goal of this project was to prepare a compound similar to Thymitaq that might display equal or better drug activity with fewer side-effects.  In this analog we have replaced Thymitaq's benzene ring with a thiophene ring, and removed several functional groups.  Thiophene was chosen because it is bioisosteric with benzene, and synthetic methods are already known for the conversion of suitably substituted thiophenes to thienopyrimidines.  The removal of the functional groups from the molecule has allowed us to create the analog from commercially available compounds through only two synthetic steps.  Through these steps, we have been able to produce a high purity sample of the product at a 10.9% overall yield.





Course syllabi:
 CHEM230: Organic Chemistry I
 CHEM231: Organic Chemistry II
 CHEM232: Experimental Organic Chemistry I
 CHEM233: Experimental Organic Chemistry II

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