If I Perceive, What Do I Remember?


On the Problem of Perceptual and Cognitive Aliasing in Autonomous Robots


Dr. Goran Trajkovski

Cognitive Agency and Robotics Laboratory

Towson University, MD




Sokol Room Science Building




The talk will overview the problem of aliasing in classical AI and cognitive robotics. A short summary of the Inetarctivist-Expectative Theory on Agency and Learning, as well as of its multiagent version will be given, together with some case studies in human behavior performed with the purpose of harvesting human data for calibration of the models.




Dr. Goran Trajkovski is Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Sciences and the founding director of the Cognitive Agency and Robotics Laboratory (CARoL) at Towson University, Towson, MD. He holds a BSc (1995) in Applied Informatics, MSc (1997) in Mathematical and Computer Sciences and PhD (2003) in Computer Sciences (AI) from the University of "SS Cyril and Methodius" in Skopje, Macedonia. His research interests are in the interdisciplinary domain of Cognitive and Developmental Robotics, Multi-Robot Systems and Human-Robot Interaction. During his 10+ years in academia, he has authored more than 100 publication items, including four previous books, while being a strong advocate for diversity inclusion in Computer Science, Information Systems and Information Technology education.