4 Pole Tower of Hanoi Algorithm

It's a "little" faster when you use 4 poles instead of three...  For 30 disks, it'll run a million times faster.

Strategy:  move some disks from the one disk to an auxiliary.
              move the remainder using the "usual" three pole algorithm
              move them back.

             Dynamic programming is used to decide how many to first move.

Enter the number to move in Input and press ENTER.

The Output will show how many moves it will take and a how many disks to first move.
For example, if N = 5, we move 3 disks using 4 poles, then 2 disks using 3 poles, then 3 disks  using 4 poles.
You can STOP and START OVER the applet.


Hanoi4 contains the algorithm.
HanoiAppSwing is the applet.  It is really a subclass of InAndOutSwing  (which uses semaphores).

(For a non-Swing version)

Carl E. Bredlau