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Lower Passaic and Saddle River Alliance (Watershed Management Area 4)

The Lower Passaic & Saddle River Alliance is comprised of partners from the public and private sectors working to improve and protect the natural resources of the Lower Passaic and Saddle River watershed designated by the state as Watershed Management Area 4.


4th Annual Passaic River Paddle Relay. Saturday, May 10th, 2008
Race begins at 9:00am at Riverbank Park in Newark  RAIN OR SHINE
click here for more information and registration

Spring 2007 Newsletter

  • Friends of Garret Mountain Reservation Make A Difference
  • Third Annual Passaic River Paddle Relay
  • Update From Your Watershed Ambassador
  • Lower Passaic Canoe and Kayak Water Trail
  • A Race For The River

3rd Annual Passaic River Paddle Relay!  Saturday, May 12, 2007, which started at the Nereid Boat Club in Rutherford and ended in Riverbank Park in Newark

Contact  Tom Pietrykoski (TPietrykoski@PVSC.COM  ,  973.817.5735) with questions.   The 3rd Annual Passaic River Paddle Relay is sponsored by the Lower Passaic & Saddle River Alliance, in partnership with the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners (PVSC), Essex County Department of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs, Ironbound Community Corporation, SPARK Friends of Riverbank Park, and Whole Foods Market of Edgewater, Montclair & Ridgewood

To obtain a copy of our NonPoint Source Pollution booklet,  email mandegruber@hotmail.com


The vision of Watershed Management Area 4 (WMA 4) is to preserve, protect, enhance and restore our water resources and the associated ecosystem, and to instill pride in our rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. We will accomplish this through a balanced approach consisting of education, stewardship and managing growth in accord with available water resources, while being environmentally sound and economically viable. We have created this
vision for the benefit of our children and for future generations.


1. Outreach:
o Educate
o Relay Information
o Increase Citizen Involvement
o Develop a Collaborative Relationship among Parties (Gov., Industry, Citiz.)

2. Water Quality:
o Eliminate Nonpoint Source Pollution
o Manage Stormwater
o Eliminate Combined Sewer Overflows
o Decrease Floatables
o Recycle Effluent
o Increase All Measures of Environmental Quality

3. Drinking Water
o Increase Groundwater Recharge
o Protect Lakes and Reservoirs

4. Smart Growth
o Increase River Access
o Promote Best Management Practices in Development and Redevelopment
o Restore Recreational Uses
o Instill Pride
o Encourage Stewardship

5. Preserve Open Space

6. Planning
o Budgeting
o Regulatory Issues